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Flooring Renovation Guide


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Flooring Renovation Guide

FlooringFlooring Renovation Guide

Are you preoccupied with the current state of your floors? Do they need to be maintained or completely replaced? We have gathered several articles published on our home renovation blog in order to classify them under different categories. Therefore, you will be able to identify articles that interest you, so that you can find the information you are looking for: 

Wooden floors: maintenance and characteristics

Wood is a popular flooring material, namely because of its appearance which is adapted to all types of room decor styles. There are different wood essences available, each having their own set of characteristics and pros and cons. To learn more about the prices, the products and the maintenance techniques, here are some articles that cover the subject: 

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Stone and ceramic floors

Stone and ceramic flooring is often used in areas where the floor needs to be extremely resistant, such as the kitchen, the bathroom and the foyer. The following articles cover this subject: 

Other flooring materials

Looking to learn more about vinyl, linoleum, epoxy flooring or floating floors? The following articles present all the main facts that you need to know: 

General flooring renovation tips

The following articles address flooring in all its forms, whether talking about in-floor heating systems or affordable flooring materials.

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Flooring material price guides

Flooring materials exist for all tastes and moreover, for all budgets. From 50¢/square foot ceramic tile to $12/square foot slate slabs, these articles are meant to help you get a general idea of the amount of money you will have to pay for materials. We also cover other fees associated with flooring renovations, such as installing the floor and adding a sub-floor layer.

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Last modified 2023-11-07

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Table of contents

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