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Procore: Construction Project Management Software

Procore: Construction Project Management Software

Advice for contractorProcore: Construction Project Management Software

Whether you are a specialized or general contractor, the success of your business is something you hold on to dearly. As a matter of fact, the ability to swiftly and judiciously collaborate is essential to carrying out any project. 

To do so, Procore provides you with an online project management platform, which allows you to make available all stages of your project to whomever it pertains. This software presents an efficient way to link, in real-time, the goings-on at a particular job site as well as the happenings behind the scenes. Here, technology goes hand in hand with well-managed teamwork.  

Procore: A Turnkey Management Platform for Contractors

Source: Canva

Procore is a digital management software for computers and mobiles. Said project management platform is available in more than 150 countries and most notably available in French (admittedly, rarely is management software available in French, especially in the construction and real estate industry). 

This platform was specially created to fill a void in the construction industry; it is simple to use, practical and adapted to job site realities. Overall, Procore is a universal administrative communication tool that streamlines day-to-day projects to limit delays, miscommunications, and any risks inherent to certain tasks.

Pre-Project Management

Proposals, 2D-3D plans, lists of materials, assigned labour, outsourced labour, quotes, budgets, deadlines, contracts, before and afters, estimates, sketches, standards and regulations…

Every step is necessary, every detail is essential to a well-organized project that can be analyzed and processed with software made available through Procore’s platform. You will automatically know in which area you are lacking and where last-minute changes need to be made. 

Take action based on forms, inspections, drawings, and so forth… Collaborate with one or more persons remotely and get the most out of it all. By conceptualizing a project with many different players, ensuring everyone is on the same wavelength is a must before even that first nail is hammered in.

Ongoing Project Management

Source: Canva

At all times, access documents, emails, and daily logs meticulously filled out, as well as updated plans. These features will benefit you to keep confusion at bay whether it is with clients, retailers, employees, or partners hovering around any given project. 

You can say goodbye to problems such as misplaced reports, illegible scribbles on the edge of a desk, delayed calls due to forgotten project details, or unclear directions that are on hold. By controlling disclosed information in real-time, you and your team will know what to expect. Eventually, you will make decisions based on facts and you will be able to predict or even bypass inconveniences or trivial setbacks. Overall, it is a huge load off your shoulders

Rather than questioning every corporation, receiving varying viewpoints, or using assorted systems and ways of operating, customize information with Procore. Users no longer need to search or wait for details to make it through the right channels; you can save precious time with the click of a button. Deadlines will be respected and, in turn, optimized. 

That way, it will be easier for you to control the purse strings as well as productivity. As a matter of fact, you may compile the project’s many changes and overall progress with the help of graphs and notes regarding money spent, and what should be emended before faltering money or simply levelling in areas with which the client may be dissatisfied. Synchronizing accounting software linked to data and third-party payments will definitely make your life easier. 

Procore Software - Benefits

  • streamline everything from a single platform, disclose information and receive signatures; 

  • total transparency and proactivity = yield success and a good reputation;

  • create high-quality plans and viable systems;

  • manage your own roster of employees and lists of retailers, outsourced labour, cost of materials, etc. to optimize the project’s efficiency according to your needs;

  • customize graphs and reports;

  • submit quotes and contract details via online documents with supporting information and analyses;

  • guarantee project safety via access to current and comprehensible documents regarding standards and codes;

  • track financial health throughout the project and adjust accordingly;

  • manage communication in real-time and disclose an overview of the job site.

Logs and background may help if:

  • legal action is taken against you—you will have access to the required documents to defend your case;

  • an employee is injured—you will be alerted and then able to proceed accordingly, like helping the employee with CNESST procedures;

  • you enjoy collaborating or wish to never again do business with a certain individual.

Procore clients also appreciate:

  • the numerous apps embedded in the software (DocuSign, SharePoint, etc.);

  • the community of construction professionals (should you wish to ask questions or join groups);

  • 24/7 technical support and customer care;

  • full training before jumpstarting;

  • apps are available offline when you are on job sites with little to no service.

Check out Procore’s website for more information regarding costs pertaining to your situation while having access to various demos of this developing management software. 

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Last modified 2024-03-18

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