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Wood siding: is it worth it?

Last modified: 2022-09-07 | Approximate reading time 2 mins

Wood siding is not only about aesthetics. Even if it has been the centre of many myths amongst people, it represents a lot of advantages unknown to the public. Available in different kind of essence (cedar, spruce, pine, etc.), it will give a unique touch to your house, chalet or store.

Becoming more and more popular in Quebec, wood covering is not only durable when properly cared for, but according to Maibec, "wood goes very well with several other types of materials, which makes it possible to integrate into various architectural styles." In this article, you will be able to know more about the benefits, the downsides and the proper care needed for exterior wood coverings.

The benefits of wood siding

Ecological and durable

To start with, wood is the most ecological choice you can make. Compared to vinyl which is made of plastic and oil products, it produces less CO2 emissions when fabricated. However, it's important to inform yourself about finding a supplier that comes from certified forests, thus reducing waist and promoting sustainable forestry.

Not only is it recyclable, but it provides a more cost effective insulation than other cladding could offer you, which will allow you to reduce your energy consumption. On the durable side, wood is more solid than what we could think. In addition to being chock resistant, "a solid wood cladding without protection or finishing product can last a very long time, up to 30 years" ( 

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Although at first glance wood seems more expensive when installed (compared to some other options available to you), it will be more profitable in the long run for your money. Here's what Maibec explains:

"There are other factors to consider, such as the total life cycle of the siding. Maintenance extends the life of real wood. Ultimately, wood becomes one of the most affordable materials in the long run."

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Wood siding maintenance

With the right care and products, it's easy to maintain your wood siding. The key is to regularly inspect your siding, especially to see if there is any water infiltration. Aside from cedar, natural wood requires minimal maintenance.

However, without any treatments to protect it, your siding can age rapidly. It is preferable to apply an oil or a product to treat your wood at least every 5 years. This will protect the woos from its surrounding environment. For more precision and advice, you can always ask for the help of a contractor that specializes in wood sidings.

Some inconvenience

Although resistant, wood is not indestructible. Naturally, it could crumble, crack or tarnish. In addition, and that is an obvious downside, wood is more vulnerable in the event of a fire. If installed incorrectly, you could leave room for mold as it is susceptible to water infiltration. Be sure to follow the necessary steps during installation to avoid rapid deterioration of your siding.

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