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How to Renovate a Bathroom Ceramic Floor

Last modified: 2017/12/07 | 2 mins

Does your ceramic bathroom floor need to be renovated? Are you looking to rebuild it? has some advice for you on how to renovate your ceramic floor:

If your bathroom decor doesn’t suit you anymore, or if you are just looking to freshen it up, you might want to consider replacing the ceramic floor.

Here are the main steps to follow in order to change your ceramic floor:

1) Preparation time

First of all, you’ll want to gather the proper equipment. Make sure that you have protective glasses and work gloves in order to carry out the work under the safest conditions. This is important because fragments can hurt your eyes and hands as you start breaking the floor.

2) Breaking the old floor

Start by breaking the first part of the floor with a hammer. Once you have removed a significant part of the floor, use a floor scraper to remove the other tiles. Get rid of all the remaining parts and clear off the whole surface, making it completely smooth and free of any dirt or dust. If needed, use a vacuum-cleaner to clean the floor.

3) Prepare your tile cement

In order to glue your new ceramic tiles to the floor, you will have to prepare your tile cement product. Follow the instructions as written on the bottle and, using a trowel, spread the tile cement section by section - always making sure to apply it in a uniform manner- and work quickly so the mix doesn’t dry too quickly.

Man placing ceramic tile

Photo: MaxPixel

4) How to install your new ceramic floor

Once you have completed the previous steps, you can start installing the ceramic floor tiles. In general, the best way to proceed is to lay the tiles one at a time, starting in the middle of the bathroom. Finish the installation process by making sure that the joints are even, and that the mosaic is well done. Next, let the new ceramic floor dry. The exact drying time should  be specified by the manufacturer.

5) Finishing touches

For a finishing touch, you will have to apply grout on the surface. The proper tool to use in this case is called a float. Be careful to fill the joints completely. Wait ten minutes before you remove the excess grout, using a wet sponge. Afterwards, let the grout dry according to the manufacturer’s instructions. Once it has dried, congratulations: you’ve got a new ceramic floor!

Bathroom ceramic floor

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