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Home Décor Trends for 2024

Home Décor Trends for 2024

Interior renovationsHome Décor Trends for 2024

Every year, home décor and interior design experts give a ruling over the year’s trends. As a result, our team of writers puts together a ton of articles on the matter, spanning all rooms, one renovation project at a time, on a yearly basis. This article will serve as a guideline for all things home décor for 2024. Luckily, we seem to have chosen trends that are here to stay, for the long run, and that can easily be tweaked to suit your preferences. 

What Are the Home Décor Trends for 2024?

2024 trending décors

Source: Canva

Trends in interior decoration are evolving towards an inspiring fusion between traditional comfort and contemporary innovation. Trends are emerging, highlighting the balance between functionality and aesthetics, as well as a growing desire for sustainability and authenticity. Living spaces are transforming into personalised sanctuaries, where organic materials, soothing colour palettes (but also bright colours!) combine to create a warm and welcoming atmosphere.

For the past two or three years, a few trends have been quite pronounced and are making a strong comeback this year. Among these are vintage and retro style, minimalism and maximalism, biophilia, as well as almost limitless creativity.

Embrace the Swerves

Rounded shapes and curved lines are featured once again in homes! Whether for furniture, architecture, or decorative elements, swerved lines are a part of the décor. Not only are these fun and original, but this geometrical shape is also rather reminiscent of a certain softness and romanticism. 

Round furniture and decorative item ideas:

  • Ball-shaped light fixture;

  • Arched doorway;

  • Oval mirror;

  • Round back accent chair and ottoman;

  • Curved kitchen island;

  • Round coffee or dining room table;

  • Curved bathtub;

  • Bouclé fabric;

  • Circular-patterned wallpaper.

Warm and Earthy Tones

This year, neutral, calm, warm, and soothing colour palettes are favoured. Consider nature-inspired ideas to embellish your walls and textiles: terracotta, clay, lavender, curry yellow, cinnamon brown, burnt orange, sage green, etc.

Check out our article Interior Paint Colour Trends, to learn more about the paint colours recommended by industry professionals.

Trending Interior Decoration Styles

This year's trends are rather eclectic. This means that we will see several styles, sometimes even opposing styles, being in vogue. For example, neo-minimalism, then maximalism, with colours that will oppose and materials that will contrast.

Retro Charm: Seventies and Mid-Century

The style of the 1970s is back in fashion, albeit with slightly more noble materials. The lines are slightly less rounded, and touches of chrome appear in accessories.

In this retro-chic spirit, mid-century furniture also stands out for its timeless design and craftsmanship, adding a touch of vintage sophistication to your space.

The Seventies Colour Palette

Warm tones like burnt orange, earthy brown, and olive green often dominate the colour palette, creating a warm and inviting atmosphere. Dark wood and brass elements add a touch of vintage sophistication to this retro aesthetic, which continues to inspire design enthusiasts today.

Trendy Accessories and Coverings

The trend of Mid-Century Modern furniture is a timeless one that continues to captivate interior design enthusiasts. This era gives rise to iconic furniture characterised by clean lines, organic shapes, and uncompromising functionality.

Mid-Century-style furniture celebrates the beauty of natural materials such as wood, plywood, and metal. They are often found with smooth finishes and subtle colours. The balance between simplicity and sophistication gives these pieces a timeless and versatile appeal, making them as popular today as they were when they were first created.


2024 trending décors

Source: Canva

As mentioned earlier, this year, opposites attract. So, where maximalism is concerned, minimalism also comes into play. Like minimalist style, neo-minimalism celebrates the beauty of simplicity in clean interiors. However, what distinguishes neo-minimalism is a focus on textures, on slightly more noble materials (like linen), and also on colour nuances that bring a warmer, cozier feel than classic minimalist interiors.

The Colour Palette

The colours here will be neutral and soothing. The emphasis will be on soft and natural tones such as:

Variations of white: Warm or cool, white is often the dominant colour in neo-minimalist style, offering a clean and bright backdrop to highlight other design elements.

Shades of grey: Whether warm or cool, shades of grey are also popular in neo-minimalist style. They are mainly valued for their ability to add depth and sophistication to a room without being too prominent.

Latte colours: Beige, cream, and taupe are neutral and earthy tones that help create a warm, comforting, and welcoming atmosphere while maintaining a minimalist aesthetic of simplicity.

Pastel tones: Subtle touches of pastel tones such as blush pink, sky blue, or mint green can be integrated to add a delicate and subtle touch of colour to a neo-minimalist space, without compromising its simplicity.

Neo-Minimalism Accessories and Coverings

In terms of accessories, materials such as cotton, linen, and rattan will be proposed. In a space dominated by neutral tones, the addition of textures breaks the simplicity, creating a warm atmosphere that enhances the comfort of the place. In 2024, the use of textures such as long-pile carpets or tactile sofa coverings will contribute to creating a refreshing environment, far from being monotonous but deliberately welcoming.

Maximalist Style

The name of this style describes it quite well: it tends towards boldness, grandeur, and richness. Rooms that allow your personality to express itself, even if they verge on extravagance, are very trendy this year.

It's a style where you do much more in terms of décor. Whether on the walls or on tables and shelves, everything is displayed. In maximalist style, the idea is to create an intense and luxurious atmosphere by combining elements from different eras, rich textures, and vibrant colours.

For those who would like to embrace this style but are afraid to display it openly, a good compromise is to apply maximalist characteristics in a more secluded room, such as an upstairs bedroom or a closed office.

The Colour Palette

We let ourselves go in terms of colour choice to create a joyful atmosphere. Rich green on the ceiling, colourful accessories, etc.

Accessories and Coverings

With maximalism, references to the Memphis Milano group emerge, with colourful, bold interiors and slightly kitsch accessories. Noble materials are combined with more "fun" objects. Opt for very large furniture or lighting fixtures, such as extra-large lanterns on the ceiling, or imposing and richly decorated sofas with luxurious fabrics such as velvet, satin, or floral patterns. Rich colours, memories, passions, unique art, gigantic patterns, layering, themes, and boldly assumed underground looks are welcomed!

Biophilia Throughout the House: From the Living Room to the Bedroom

Biophilia for a Trendy Interior Design

Source: Canva

This concept aims to connect the interior with the exterior. Organic or biological elements are highlighted: shapes, textures, and natural materials, decorative accents with a nature theme, etc. The dominant colours are earthy and matte, evoking, for example, a seaside, forest, or beach.

Preferred Materials and Elements of Biophilic Design:

  • Cotton; 

  • Linen; 

  • Wood; 

  • Rattan; 

  • Willow; 

  • Bamboo; 

  • Natural stone; 

  • Concrete; 

  • Plants; 

  • Natural light.

This trend also encourages the use of recycled, eco-friendly, and sustainable materials. It is increasingly important to support local businesses and resources, buy second-hand, or even make your own decorative elements.

Trending Tile Styles

It's noticeable that this year's trending materials lean towards the most natural possible. Terracotta tiles, natural stone, and surprisingly, terrazzo!

Regarding this, interior designers offer advice that suits several styles:

  • Surprisingly, terrazzo has been back in fashion since 2020, offering patterns as diverse as they are colourful; 

  • Following the maximalist style, trends lean towards large-format tiles, even oversized ones, which give a sense of grandeur to a room; 

  • Conversely, small square tiles, reminiscent of zellige tiles (hand-sculpted glazed terracotta from Morocco), are also sought after. 

  • Tone-on-tone tiles or those adorned with various geometric patterns in earthy tones are popular. 

  • Ceramic tiles with relief are in demand.

For more information, discover our article on trending tiles.

Harmony and Innovation in Décor Trends

Trends change and evolve. The world of interior decoration is constantly changing, reflecting the changing aspirations, tastes, and needs of society. In 2024, trends focus on the harmony between aesthetics and functionality, creating spaces that are both inspiring and practical. The use of sustainable materials and the importance placed on well-being are at the forefront of consumer concerns this year. From blending traditional and modern styles to exploring bold colours and organic patterns, 2024 promises an exciting creative diversity for all interior design enthusiasts.

However, if you want to find out which styles to steer clear of, check out our article: Home Interior Design Trends to Avoid this Year.

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Last modified 2024-04-26

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