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10 Living Room Floor Examples


4 min read

10 Living Room Floor Examples

Flooring10 Living Room Floor Examples

Is your living room floor showing telltale signs of wear and tear? If it seems faded and scratched in several areas, then it’s about time to replace it. So, here are a few options available to you!

10 Living Room Floor Examples

1) A natural-looking floor

living room

Source: Pinterest (

This floor with a natural-finish blends in perfectly with the farmhouse décor. Its light shade is really similar to the beige hue found throughout the room, more specifically the couch, rug, and fabulous fireplace. It makes the whole room cozy and reminds us that wood doesn’t need much for its beauty to shine through. 

Want a few tips to find the perfect hardwood floor for your living room? Check out our article Choosing Your Hardwood Floors: Characteristics.

2) A rich, dark wood

living room

Source: Pinterest (

With a slightly more modern aesthetic, dark wood is unmatched. It automatically adds elegance to any room. In fact, when used with white-coloured elements, the effect is more than pleasing. As such, contrasting features can make a real difference when it comes to creating a less-than-monotonous look.

3) Rug on rug, why not?

living room

Source: Pinterest (

If some just love wood’s natural charm, others—the chilly ones—see value in a nice carpet, so why not have two? We don’t often think about overlaying two carpets, albeit, this option adds a lot of style to the room in question, as well as contributing to the living room’s comfort and the vibe it creates. 

Hardwood flooring doesn’t appeal to you? Check out our article 7 Flooring Materials That Are Alternatives to Wood to see what else is out there!

4) Black and textured floor

black floor

Source: Pinterest (

What’s there to say about a black floor with a textured finish? It obviously makes for a non-conventional choice, black rarely being a common colour chosen for a living room floor. Nonetheless, black is ideal for modern or contemporary décor lacking a stylish feature.

Due to its visual impact, it avoids putting together a monotonous or dull décor. In this example, the shiny and textured floor finish adds a lot of beauty to the living room. 

5) Classic look, timeless design

wood floor

Source: Pinterest (cush&

At times, the best decision is to stay on the beaten path! As shown above, a naturally-coloured wood allows for the knots and veining, and the wood’s uniqueness and beauty, to prevail. It offers a canvas favourable to creating a calming and appeasing décor. 

6) Herringbone pattern for a stylish look

living room floor

Source: Pinterest (

Through the really pretty nuances of grays and beiges, this flooring really stands out from the crowd as well as its daring use of multiple colours. The herringbone pattern really is synonymous with elegance, largely relying on the geometric pattern to automatically draw the eye and create a perception of movement. Thus, it breaks the traditional straight and narrow design, and creates an elegant look!

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7) Concrete living room floor

concrete floor

Source: Pinterest (

Are you a fan of modern design yet the rustic aspect of hardwood floors doesn’t do it for you? Know that waxed concrete is a really interesting alternative if you want to really benefit from seamless, low-maintenance and dust-free flooring. Its striking aesthetic is definitely worth mentioning, just like the various finishes in which it's available. 

Want to know more about it? Check out our article all about concrete flooring and surfaces. (French only)

8) Gorgeous amber colour

amber flooring

Source: Pinterest (

If naturally-coloured wood still appeals to you, amber-coloured wood sure won’t deter your attention! Its deep and intense shade will turn heads and give any living room a unique and vibrant look. Contrasting this colour with white decorative elements is actually a really effective way to showcase it. 

9) Carpeting for a comfortable and stylish living room


Source: Pinterest (

Similarly to a herringbone-pattern hardwood floor, this carpet, which mimics the same style gives the living room a stylish, motion-like vibe. It blends in really well with other textures and patterns within the room, and though it does cover the floor, its presence doesn’t overshadow the rest of the room. Halfway between simplicity and authenticity, this style is an excellent choice!

10) A natural and stylish shade

wood floor

Source: Pinterest (

Now here’s an example of a classic hardwood floor that’ll please the masses! Its matte finish combined with the clean look provided by the wood knots allows it to maintain its natural charm and is reminiscent of the classics that are far from being old-fashioned!

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