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10 Teen Bedroom Decor Ideas

10 Teen Bedroom Decor Ideas

Interior renovations10 Teen Bedroom Decor Ideas

Has your son or daughter grown up a lot and their childhood bedroom isn’t cutting it anymore? Well then, it’s about time to redecorate their slice of heaven to revamp their bedroom according to their personality and the young adult they’re fastly becoming. Here are some ideas to serve as inspiration for your teenager’s future bedroom design project!

10 Teen Bedroom Ideas (Decor & Furnishings)

1) A girly and cozy bedroom

teen bedroom

Source: Pinterest (

Whoever said gray was boring? Here it is, in all its glory! By choosing an array of grays, one avoids creating dull decor. In fact, gray can easily be coupled with white as well as pastel colours, as depicted above. 

Also, one can see that this room’s decor really benefits from the string lights located on the wall and the bedside table’s mirror finish. The whole brightens the room and adds a glossy feel to this modern decor that instills relaxation.  

2) A mix of low-key and mature

teen bedroom

Source: Pinterest (

Now’s time to focus on teen-specific decors! For the latter, a mix of neutral colours like gray and black can give the room a very mature look. 

It’s really interesting to notice all the little unique details, such as the accent wall as well as the presence of white and darker colours, creating a balanced and mature decor. 

3) For sports fans!

teen bedroom for boys

Source: Pinterest (

As teen-aged sports fans aren’t a rarity, here’s a decor that’s specially tailored to their liking! Lovely shelves with a refined finish are such a good idea, and are perfect to showcase trophies and medals! Once again, we’re relying on neutral colours to ensure the whole isn’t too childish. 

4) A bright and subdued bedroom

bright teen bedroom

Source: Pinterest (

This classic decor with hints of boho-chic will please the free-spirited ones! Choosing various linen and fabric textures adds a lot of diversity. The omnipresence of beige creates a soothing atmosphere and blends in really well with the really pretty light pink which adorns the comforter and pillowcases shown atop the bed. The greenery placed around the bedroom adds a hint of colour to the room, which creates a lovely contrast with the rest of the area. 

5) A golden, satin-filled decor 

faux fur bedroom

Source: Pinterest (

What’s there to say about this stunning teen bedroom? The sheen comforter and throw pillows are bright add-ons to the bedroom! As for the faux fur throw, it adds a majestic-like look to the bed, which is further magnified due to its size. The pastel colours prove once again that they can create girly instead of childish decor.

6) A teen-friendly rustic look!

bedroom for boys

Source: Pinterest (

Rustic decors aren’t just for adults! Here’s a teen version for young adults, which is distinguished by its uniquely designed accent wall. The juxtaposition between the two-toned finish is quite striking. The bedlinens are rather traditional, as well as the distinctive hints of blue. 

Need more tips to create rustic decor? Check out our article Home Decor: A Guide to Rustic Style

7) A decor not lacking in style!

dark teen bedroom

Source: Pinterest (

In this room, it’s hard not to take notice of the metal, half-sphere accent chairs. Offering both a bright and unique touch to the room’s decor, it’ll surely be the room’s statement piece!

The bedframe of the bunk bed is just as interesting and very well showcases the room’s charming decorative elements that are synonymous with an industrial look. Without a doubt, the musical notes featured on the back wall perfectly suit the room’s music-themed decor. 

8) A unique, white and bright-coloured look

orange bedroom

Source: Pinterest (

When you picture a teen bedroom, one often thinks of dark-coloured decors or one in which black is the featured colour. However, here, the decor is the complete opposite showcasing colours such as bright orange and white. 

Uniting these two shades definitely brightens the room, which renders the need for numerous decorative objects useless. Obviously, the exposed brick adds to the decor’s elegance. 

Need information for your exposed brick project? Check out our article Real and Faux Brick Wall Covering

9) A great mix of colours

blue teen bedroom

Source: Pinterest (

This room could’ve easily been overlooked as a result of its rather neutral tones, however, the outcome is quite something else. In fact, the various colours in themselves suffice to give life to the decor. The dark shades mixed with the lighter hues, as well as the light green headboard are far from painting a decor that’s lacking in interest!

10) A makeup corner for a touch of glamour

teen bedroom

Source: Pinterest (Constance Gagnon)

Do you know a teen-aged girl that doesn’t dream of having a sort of glamour room in their bedroom to apply their makeup and style their hair? Not only will that free up the bathroom, but having a dedicated makeup space allows one to really lean into their creativity and personalize the space as such. 

Want more ideas to help you decorate your teen’s bedroom? Here are some articles to inspire you:

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Last modified 2023-11-07

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