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Magnificent Solariums: 10 examples

Magnificent Solariums: 10 examples

Exterior renovationsMagnificent Solariums: 10 examples

Natural light is an essential element for creating a healthy and pleasant living environment. Of course, windows do their part to allow this light to enter our interiors.

However, a solarium is where you can truly enjoy the sunlight while being sheltered from the weather.

Perhaps the word "solarium" (or sunroom) brings to mind the glass rooms commonly installed behind the bungalows built in the 70s. Often, there was no goal of harmonizing the solarium with the rest of the building. Therefore, the aesthetics of the solarium weren’t always very attractive. In recent years, the available design has become much more sophisticated, as manufacturers have created daring and varied designs that can adapt to different types of decor.

In this article, we present 10 examples that caught our eye while browsing the Pinterest pages. We hope you’ll find the right inspiration for yours!

The 10 most beautiful solariums to inspire you in your research

1- Black sober and elegant

Solarium structure noire_black structure solarium

Photo: Decoist

Most of the time, the structures of solariums are white, as this universal shade fits well with most styles of architecture and decor. However, you shouldn’t ignore other options! For example, we see here that black helps to create a classic and distinguished decor. It almost feels like a luxury hotel or a posh restaurant.

2-  A rustic design in harmony with a countryside landscape

Photo: Designing idea

Here, we return to a more conventional structure. However, the decor imbued with softness and rustic charm makes it possible to create this unusual little solarium. The armchair matching the shades of the tree leaves, the industrial-looking lights and the carefully selected decorative accents create a very zen space.

3- A highly welcoming 4-season solarium

Photo: Designing idea

A fireplace in a solarium? This is not the first idea that would have crossed our minds, but seeing this arrangement, we find the concept very interesting. Of course, this example showcases a four-season design, therefore, the construction costs will likely be higher than for the models presented before. You’ll have to think about choosing windows and insulation material which will allow you to maintain an ambient temperature and avoid energy losses, in summer as in winter.

4- A glass extension for outdoor dining without being devoured by mosquitoes

glass extension for outdoor_Magnificent Solariums: 10 examples

Photo: Doityourselfmagazine

Here is a simpler type, which offers little insulation. Nevertheless, it allows for shelter from bad weather. This is a beautiful glass roof option that can accommodate meals with friends and family during the long summer evenings. Also, this space could be converted into a greenhouse filled with plants to create an even more magical atmosphere!

5- A solarium with magazine-worthy decor

Photo: Guia para decorar

As the trees in the courtyard are palm trees, we can see through the window that this house is located in a tropical country. Obviously, this is very different from our typical Canadian climate! Still, we can take inspiration from this design that carries the touch of a home decor expert. It's the little details like the cushions, the carpet and the table dedicated to refreshing drinks that give a sophisticated but unpretentious look.

6- A maximum of natural light

Photo: Jordens

Certain models have full roofs, while others have skylights to maximize the amount of natural light entering the space. This type of solarium is particularly interesting for those who are lucky enough to be surrounded by a magnificent landscape that deserves to be appreciated from all angles. Among the disadvantages associated with this type of solarium, one must consider the fact that the ceiling windows will be more difficult to clean. You may need to call in experts for glass cleaning surfaces.

7- A solarium that will make you want to invite all your friends

solarium_Magnificent Solariums: 10 examples

Photo: Lessthanperfectlifeofbliss

This solarium will make you feel like you’re on vacation while at home! All the elements have been carefully selected, from the decorative cushions to the exterior siding, including the carpet and the furniture. The look is very "country house" and evokes the most charming country inns, but this style layout would be just as suitable in an urban setting.

8- The integration of a skylight

Photo: Marie France

When we think of a solarium, we imagine a room completely made of glass. However, if your house is located close to that of your neighbours, you may prefer a solarium that offers more privacy. Here’s an example where natural light is able to enter the space through the ceiling. This type of installation offers your interior spaces more natural light while having walls where you can install shelves and decorative accessories.

9- A solarium with timeless decor

Photo: Next Luxury

The structure of this solarium is very modern, with a combination of wooden slats on the ceiling, straight columns, white joists and large windows that give the impression of the space being located outside. However, the stone cladding adds a more traditional touch to the decor, which confirms the timeless nature of this arrangement.

10- A solarium with a sloping glass ceiling

Photo: Outoflineartstudios

We end this list with a boldly designed sunroom that will still appeal to those with more conventional tastes. It could be integrated into different types of architecture and decor. The brick wall adds a nice warm visual element and the glass panelling is abundant but well situated so that light can penetrate inside in a pleasant way.

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Last modified 2023-11-07

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