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How to Design a Bedroom

How to Design a Bedroom

Interior renovationsHow to Design a Bedroom

The changing seasons often inspire a sense of renewal in your home. And guess what? The bedroom is almost always the favourite room to overhaul. However, designing said room will largely depend on its dimensions, the size of the furniture, and that of the windows. 

And, most importantly, not that it’s really not that hard to find simple and affordable ways to redesign a bedroom, like moving the bed to a new position, giving the walls a fresh coat of paint, or buying new pieces of furniture. 

When designing your bedroom, always keep in the back of your mind that this room is your personal sanctuary, a space meant for wellness and relaxation. So, here are a few good design ideas to successfully complete your bedroom makeover. 

Bedroom Bedding and Window Treatments

When it comes to windows, being that clear opening that’ll naturally light the room, you have to position the furniture and choose the bedding accordingly if you want to highlight said feature. If you like sleeping in a pitch-black room, we highly recommend investing in good-quality, blackout shades. You can also embellish your windows with thin, decorative curtains to allow sunlight to seep in during the day while creating that sought-after feeling of privacy. 

The bed can be positioned either next to the window or right in front of it. This piece of furniture is, by all means, the bedroom’s centrepiece, and its position in the room will greatly impact the way the other furnishings are positioned. For that reason, we highly recommend backing the headboard against a wall. 

Besides, the headboard will be vital, both as an aesthetic element, but also in terms of preventing the paint or wallpaper from damage in case you happen to often sit up in bed. These can be reupholstered to give bedrooms a decent facelift, thereby giving the whole bedroom a more finished, put-together look. Make sure to leave a good amount of space on either side of the bed to move around freely.

Bedroom Lighting

As mentioned, a bedroom is, first and foremost, meant for rest and relaxation, in which lighting has a degree of importance. Opt for dim, ambiance lighting that favours tranquillity and slumber. As such, lighting plays a key decorative role, hence the importance of varying the light sources. You can, for example, install various ceiling lamps for everyday use, and a nightstand reading light. Note that you can benefit from using various sources of light, that way, harmonizing the room all the more. 

Also, make sure you’re purchasing light fixtures that are adapted to the room’s height and dimensions. Wall sconces, hanging, floor, and ceiling lamps, there’s a lot to choose from; you certainly won’t struggle to find the right light fixture for your needs. It’ll come as no surprise that a small-size bedroom will appear bigger under good lighting. Some types of light fixtures are highly recommended for smaller bedrooms, like sconces, positioned right above the headboard, as well as hanging ceiling lights. 

However, there are a few lighting mistakes one should avoid to successfully illuminate a room. Under- or over-lighting the room is highly advised against, for both the well-being of your eyes and the overall appearance of the room. Bedside table lamps shouldn’t be too low or too tall; find an even middle. If you add a lampshade, it’ll have to match so as to not clash with the rest of the room’s décor. 

Designing a Small Bedroom

One can quickly become discouraged when it comes to designing a bedroom. However, keep your worries at bay as you’ll come to find out that there are numerous websites dedicated to interior design overloaded with good ideas to make the most out of your space. Likewise, note that storage is the key factor on which you must focus to successfully carry out this challenge. There are a few key ways to free up floor space, like mounting shelves to the walls, adding crates above the bed, or simply bins stored beneath it. Note that large mirrors are great in small areas. Paired with cozy and stylish lighting, a nice mirror can easily add a lot of character to a small room.

You’ve undoubtedly heard of loft beds that are forever fashionable. Both aesthetic and practical, the loft bed allows one to free up space for a couch, desk, or storage since the bed is positioned at a higher level. Along the same creative lines, there's the platform loft bed which offers additional storage underneath the bed and around the sides.

Whatever you land on when designing your bedroom, don’t lose sight of your main goal, which is to create a cozy spot that facilitates REM sleep and reflects your personality

For more bedroom renovation and design ideas, check out our Bedroom Renovation Guide.

Original French article by: Sotheary Chan

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Last modified 2023-11-28

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