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Negotiating the Price of A Renovation Project: Is it Possible?

Last modified: 2022-08-09 | Approximate reading time 4 mins

Karine Dutemple

The budget allocated to a major renovation project can be as high as several thousand dollars and sometimes many more if the work is very large. This is why the price charged for them by the contractor responsible for your project is a central and determining aspect, which is subject to negotiation.

If few of us dare to go down this road, it can be advantageous to consider it as much as to respect the rules of the game. Indeed, if we often speak of "the art of negotiation", it is not without reason!

Negotiating the price of works: an art to master

1) Choose a less busy period

It goes without saying that a contractor whose schedule is very busy and who is overflowing with contracts will be less inclined to want to negotiate the price set for your renovation project. The lure of profit will certainly have less impact! That's why taking advantage of off-peak periods could work in your favour and give you better bargaining power if you would like to bring down, even a little, the price of your project.

If you are unfamiliar with the construction sector, be aware that contractors generally become less busy after the summer period, i.e. from the end of August. So maybe this is your window of opportunity!

2) Have multiple submissions on hand

négocier le prix des travaux_travaux de rénovation_Soumission Rénovation

It is certainly more difficult to negotiate the price set for the realization of a project without having any reference point. Consequently, it can be very convenient to have several bids on hand in order to assess the flexibility you have to negotiate the sale price.

Getting multiple quotes gives you a better idea of the average prices for a project comparable to yours. If none of them falls below a certain price, it can be difficult to envisage the possibility of obtaining a much cheaper rate. Of course, this does not completely eliminate the opportunity to do so, but one will have to have modest expectations regarding the expected price reduction.

On a different note, taking the trouble to get more than one bid gives you the chance to compete in your favour. Nevertheless, we must not forget that details matter and this is all the more true when it is time to negotiate!

Since it can be difficult to point out the price difference between two bids with the contractor offering the highest rate, diplomacy is required. You will have no choice but to point out that this offer is not the most affordable one that has been submitted to you.

However, ask for clarification to find out the reasons for this higher price. Otherwise, the contractor may believe that you consider its price to be unjustified, which may jeopardize the talks and give the impression that you doubt its good faith.

3) Be precise

négocier le prix des travaux_travaux de rénovation dans une cuisine_Soumission Rénovation

When considering the possibility of renovating a room, there are many different elements to consider. For a kitchen, it will be necessary to choose a faucet, cabinets, flooring and so on. To choose each of these, it will be necessary to make a selection from a whole range of products, which will be displayed at very variable prices.

When we identify precisely our needs from the beginning, it will be difficult to be convinced to opt for a more expensive product with features or assets that are not necessary, in the end. So that's why defining these needs as much aesthetic as practical is absolutely essential to avoid paying a little more for this and that, which has the potential to quickly increase the amount of the bill.

4) Try to include additional clauses

Sometimes it is possible to negotiate for other related work to be carried out at the same time as the main project, for a surplus. Of course, it all depends on your need in this matter. If you do have other work to do and the contractor you work with is able to do it, this can be a good opportunity for you.

5) Buy the materials yourself

By buying the building materials yourself, you may have the chance to negotiate the price of your renovation project downwards. Indeed, taking care of this task on your own will allow you to invest all the time required to carry out extensive research, which will give you the opportunity to find prices that are most likely more affordable along the way and therefore, to significantly lower the amount of the bill.

Different retailers are competing with one another, so it is quite possible to believe that a store could sell one or more products at a lower cost and vice versa.

Also, it will be to your advantage to take advantage of the different sales that take place during quieter periods. You will be able to find advantageous prices and everything you need to make your renovation project a reality. Indeed, buying construction materials out of season is synonymous with saving money. Do not forget to inquire about the purchase of recycled materials, this is an alternative that we think about in few cases. However, it is certainly noteworthy. 

The contractor refuses to work with your materials: why?

For technical reasons, the contractor may refuse your request to use a material you purchased. Be open to understand his point of view on the issue and remember that it may be impossible for him to use certain materials if he wants to be able to carry out quality work that will pass through the passage of time with dignity.

Also, some contractors might be reluctant to use materials purchased by the owner due to legal concerns. Indeed, if the contractor agrees to work with the materials you have purchased, he becomes legally responsible for it. By the same token, he must honour the guarantee that accompanies them.

Thanks to Thierry Milor from Rénovations Pro-Habitat for the pieces of information.

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