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Price Guide: Flooring Materials


2 min read

Price Guide: Flooring Materials

FlooringPrice Guide: Flooring Materials

Thinking of changing your flooring material? Of course, you're already thinking of the budget you will need to set aside for this renovation project.

To find out what you should expect and make a choice that suits your budget, here's a look at the average price of floor materials.

kitchen floor_Price Guide: Flooring Materials

The average price of flooring materials


$4,50 to $8,50/ square foot

for installation: $2,50 per square foot for a nailed floor 

* In condos, the installation of a soundproofing membrane is required, it costs between $ 1,80 and $4 per square foot (material only)

$8,50 to $12/ square foot

$7 to $11/ square foot

$6,50 to $8,50/ square foot

$2,50 to $6/ square foot for the tiles

$9 to $11 for floating floor material


$1,50 to $4/ square foot

$2,50 to $8,50/ square foot

For installation: $4 to $5,50


starting at $4 per square foot

for installation: $4,50 to $5,50

Stone (granite, marble, quartz, slate, etc.)

starting at $4,50/ square foot

smooth concrete: varies depending on the maker

polished concrete: 11$ per square foot

stamped concrete: 15,50$ per square foot

prices include installation

$4,50 to $14,50 per square for vinyl tiles

6$ per square foot for vinyl rolls

for installation: 0.60$ per square foot

rolled linoleum floor: $2,50 to $6 per square foot

tile linoleum floor: starting at $6 per square foot

for the installation of rolled linoleum floors: 17$ per square yard

for the installation of tile linoleum floors: $0.60 to $1,50 per square foot

$3,50 to $6 per square foot, plus $ 0.60 to $1,50 per square foot for the underpad if needed

for the installation of a glued carpet: from 0.60 $ to the square foot

for the installation of a Berber carpet: $1 per square foot

for the installation of a carpet with a carpet pad: 0,60 $ per square foot

* Additional fees apply for the installation of a carpet in an open staircase


$2,50 to $14,50 / square foot

From $1,50 to $8,50 per square foot

for polyethylene foam under the floor: plus or minus $0.20 per square foot

for installation: between $1.50 and $3

from $2,50 to $6 per square foot for rolls

starting from $6 per square foot for tiles

for the installation of roll Marmoleum: $17 per square yard in addition to the sealer

for the installation of marble Marmoleum: from 0.60 $ to 1,50$

Cost of installing a new floor

Installing a brand new floor can cost approximately $2 to $4.50 per square foot depending on several factors, namely the company, the complexity of the work, the size of the surface and the type of material. Usually, companies that sell floor coverings also offer installation services

For more information about floors, check out the following articles:

Cost of installing a subfloor layer 

Note that a subfloor often takes the form of plywood panels, of fiberboard panels or chipboard panels. Subflooring layers contribute to soundproofing and thermal insulation, in addition to blocking humidity and limiting the proliferation of mould. Therefore, your flooring material will avoid experiencing premature deterioration. 

Know that it is sometimes possible to keep the old subfloor, but replacing it is often recommended. In that sense, it will be important to ask the contractors that you meet about the cost of removing and installing a new subfloor. There are too many factors that cause the price to vary for us to present an exact number, so we strongly advise that you ask for quotes.

To find out about the average prices of different home renovation projects, check out our Home renovation price guide. 

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Last modified 2023-11-07

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