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Renovating Your Concrete Stairs: Costs and Techniques

Renovating Your Concrete Stairs: Costs and Techniques

Exterior renovationsRenovating Your Concrete Stairs: Costs and Techniques

Renovating your concrete stairs can be an efficient way to revamp your home's interior aesthetic. However, before jumping right in, to execute this project correctly, you have to understand the costs involved and the best techniques to use. 

Uncover the elements to consider when upgrading your concrete staircase. Whether you’re looking to carry out a straightforward renovation or a complete overhaul, here’s how to renovate your concrete stairs simply and efficiently.

Start by Gauging the State of Your Concrete Stairs

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Before undertaking anything, gauge the current state of your concrete stairs. Look them over carefully to spot any cracks, potential structural shifts or damages. This preliminary assessment will guide you through each step of your renovation project, ensuring durable and aesthetically pleasing results.

Carry Out a Visual Inspection

When assessing your stairs, pay close attention to details. Scrutinize every step, each riser, and look for obvious signs of deterioration. Cracks, even the smallest ones, can be indicative of a bigger problem. Also, be on the lookout for signs of atypical structural shifts or unusual creaking sounds. These visual and auditory clues can help detect any other underlying structural issues. 

Don’t forget to check the railings and guardrails. Loose or unstable components can compromise the safety of the staircase as a whole. Take the necessary amount of time to jot down all your findings, however small they might be, to have a well-rounded idea of the current state of your concrete staircase. 

Request a Professional Assessment

What causes concrete to wear may vary, rendering the material assessment rather complicated to gauge with the naked eye. Albeit your personal, preliminary assessment is a step in the right direction, calling in an expert for an in-depth evaluation is a crucial step in your concrete staircase renovation process. 

Renovation professionals have the necessary experience to spot any problems that you may have overlooked with a non-trained eye. Their expertise goes above and beyond simply identifying visual symptoms. A professional diagnostic is a thorough assessment of any potential defects and aligns toward the most situation-appropriate solutions. 

Furthermore, situation-specific tips received from a professional will help you make an informed decision. They’ll be able to put you on the right track in terms of whether simply undertaking minor repairs is best, or a partial renovation or a full staircase overhaul is needed. Investing in a professional assessment during the preliminary stages can prevent costly errors and ensure the long-term durability and safety of your concrete stairs. 

How to Repair Concrete Stairs: Techniques

A concrete staircase renovation project can be carried out using several different techniques. Here are a few practical tips when repairing cracks in your concrete steps, as well as their coating and finishing. 

Repairing Cracks

Cracks, albeit not unusual, shouldn’t be neglected any less. They can compromise the structural strength of your concrete stairs. To restore its former robustness, familiarize yourself with situation-specific repair methods.

Star by thoroughly cleaning the cracks using a metal wire brush to remove all dust or loose particles. Next, apply a repair product specially made for cracks. Make sure to follow the manufacturer’s instructions to guarantee proper application. For more substantial cracks, injecting epoxy resin can be an efficient solution. This technique reinforces the structure by penetrating the cracks for a long-lasting solution. However, for more complex fissures, a professional intervention is recommended to ensure a full and suitable repair.

Cement Step Coatings and Finishes

Improving your concrete staircase aesthetic can be creatively done using a variety of coatings and finishes. Opt for anti-slip coatings to guarantee user safety whilst adding a bit of flair. For indoor stairs, a colourful stair runner can add a warm and inviting touch to your aesthetic. 

As for finishing touches, applying a quality sealant can improve the visual aspect, in addition to prolonging the lifespan of your stairs. Sealants protect against humidity, stains, and daily wear, ensuring a fresh and well-kept appearance over time. Look over the myriad coating options available on the market, making sure the one you choose aligns with your style but also lives up to the practical demands of everyday use. By merging aesthetic choices with practical solutions, you should be able to transform your staircase into a long-lasting and appealing element. 

How much does it cost to repair concrete stairs?

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The cost of repairing a concrete staircase can vary based on the extent of the damage. It’s best to have your stairs assessed by a professional to get an accurate quote.

Scope of Work 

For minor cracks, costs are relatively affordable and typically within the hundred-dollar range. However, more complex repairs, such as correcting structural issues, can lead to steeper costs, potentially as high as thousands of dollars.

When it comes to major repairs, the entire structure may need to be scrapped and rebuilt from scratch. However, a RenoQuotes-affiliated contractor was able to carry out major repairs without demolishing the existing stairs—he simply had to raze the end bit nearest the sidewalk, and then redo it, all to avoid potential landslides. 

The entire renovation project ended up costing about $4,500 (taxes included). The work done included six layers of concrete, which took a week to complete.

Necessary Number of Concrete Layers for a Proper Repair

Should you find a contractor who’s willing to renovate your stairs without completely razing them, make sure that, when you get your renovation work quote, the predicted work duration estimated by the contractor is realistic.

For significant repairs—and optimal results—our contractors suggest applying six layers of concrete. Each additional coat renders the final result more appealing, but also a better work quality and guarantee. 

Staircase Size

The size of your staircase is a major cost-determining factor. A bigger staircase will require a lot more materials and be labour-intensive, thereby impacting the overall renovation costs. 

DIY vs. Professionals

Choosing between the DIY route or hiring a professional to renovate your concrete stairs hinges on the complexity of the work. Small repair work, such as fixing minor cracks, can be DIYed to save money. However, when it comes to more significant or structural problems, hiring a professional guarantees an expert technique, accurate work execution, and lasting results, justifying the financial investment. Consider the extent of the work and your skill level before choosing the best approach.

Renovating Your Indoor or Outdoor Staircase Yourself

Should you consider yourself a seasoned fixer-upper, and are hoping to carry out certain aspects of the concrete staircase renovation project yourself, here are a few useful tips for satisfactory results. Before doing anything, please gauge your skills and experience honestly. DIY projects can be gratifying. However, it’s super important to not underestimate the complexity of the staircase renovation in question. Not all staircase repairs are suited for weekend DIY projects.  

Where an Expert Is Needed

For complex renovations or structural repairs, hiring an industry professional is often to wiser route. Their in-depth knowledge of materials, techniques, and safety standards all contribute to a high-quality repair. 

Hiring a professional can also result in long-term savings in terms of time and effort. The work will be done efficiently, thereby minimizing any potential disruptions to your everyday routine.  

You can always carry out the work yourself. However, we highly recommend hiring a certified contractor specializing in concrete repairs. The goal here is to achieve optimal results and prevent decay in concealed areas. Keep in mind that your primary goal is to improve the overall aesthetic, safety, and durability of your concrete stairs.

Remodelling Your Staircase: Investing in Aesthetics and Durability 

Renovating a concrete staircase entails much more than a simple aesthetic revamp. The costs and techniques detailed in this article are proof that this endeavour is a financially worthwhile investment to refresh your staircase while improving its durability. Whether you decide to upgrade the coating, paint, add stair nosing, or carry out other improvements, note that they'll all contribute to revamping your concrete stairs. By considering the cost of a concrete staircase renovation project in terms of aesthetic and functional advantages, it ends up being a versatile solution that transforms this functional component into a genuinely appealing centrepiece, whether in an indoor or outdoor setting.

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Last modified 2023-12-08

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