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10 local furniture and home decor stores in Montreal

10 local furniture and home decor stores in Montreal

Design and home decor10 local furniture and home decor stores in Montreal

Shopping for new home decor can be a tedious process: you’re looking for savings, locally-made products, value for money, etc. One of the aspects that stands out today, especially during the last few months, is the sudden interest associated with nurturing small, local businesses.

Fortunately for us, Quebec has talented artists of all kinds who are often found in small local shops. In Montreal, for example, it's easy to find these pretty stores while strolling through neighbourhoods like the Plateau Mont-Royal, Rosemont or the Mile-End.

Here’s a short guide to 10 furniture and decor stores located in the city of Montreal!

10 Quebec furniture and home decor stores located in Montreal

1- Moroccan inspiration at Babasouk

Mainly online, the Babasouk store offers the option of showing up in person at their local spot, the Baba loft. Inspired by the Souk of Marrakech, Stéphanie Hébert invites you to share her passion for local craftsmanship, far removed from the world of “fast fashion”.

Baba loft: 2019 Moreau Street Suite # 300

Source: Babasouk

2- A rustic aesthetic at V de V

Well known to Mile-End residents and Boulevard St-Laurent enthusiasts, Fanny Vergnolle de Villers (hence the name VdeV) opened her store in 2012. Presenting various items for the home, the store was inspired by vintage and industrial aesthetics, with objects that are each more original than the next.

VdeV: 5042 St-Laurent Boulevard

Source: V de V

3- The travelling spirit of Coeur d'artichaut

Originally from Mexico City, Elisheva San Nicolas has been a traveller and nomad since her youth. With her shop, she hopes to share her loves and favourite items from these travels. This is how Coeur d'artichaut offers carefully selected products, inspired by here and elsewhere.

Coeur d'artichaut: 1451 Laurier Avenue East

Source: Coeur d'artichaut

4- Buk & Nola's hidden treasures

Located on Laurier Street in the Plateau Mont-Royal, not far from the Coeur d'Artichaut store, Buk & Nola opened its doors in 2009. Its owners, Laurence and Caroline, became friends thanks to their love of design and well-chosen decor.

Perfect for finding a gift or a new piece de resistance in your decor, the boutique also offers specialized interior design services.

Buk and Nola: 1593 Laurier Avenue East

Source: Buk&Nola

5- A place for all tastes at Zone Maison

Now open in more than 5 locations across Quebec and 2 in Ontario, the Zone Maison company was founded in 1980 in Montreal. Today, their stores offer products from here and elsewhere, perfectly suited for various needs!

Zone Maison: 6816 St-Laurent Boulevard, 4246 Saint-Denis Street, 5008 Sherbrooke West, 5683 Monkland Avenue

Source: Zone Maison

6- Plant trees with De Gaspé

This small business is not just a furniture store. Each item, carefully made in Canada, is designed to be sustainable and eco-friendly.

De Gaspé is committed to being part of the necessary change by reducing environmental impacts as much as possible during the manufacture of its products. In addition, they plant 50 trees for each piece of furniture sold online.

De Gaspé: 1415 Mazurette Street

Source: De Gaspé

7- A unique and personalized experience at Nüspace

Dedicated to providing quality products made by local manufacturers, Nüspace seeks to serve a wide range of customers, regardless of their personal style. Inspired by contemporary design, the boutique prioritizes comfort and affordable prices so that everyone has the potential to find the perfect missing piece for their home.

Nüspace boutiques: 4689 Saint-Denis street and 333 Place d'Youville

Source: Nüspace

8- The Mid-Century Dream by Showroom MTL

For lovers of vintage, but especially mid-century design, the Showroom boutique mainly specializes in the purchase and restoration of furniture from the 50s, 60s and 70s. Located in Hochelaga-Maisonneuve since 2008, their boutique offers various objects, furniture and decor of Scandinavian origin, either modern or vintage.

MTL Showroom: 3987 Sainte-Catherine Street East

Source: Showroom MTL

9- The full experience with MUST company

After their start at Maison Corbeil, MUST has expanded and become its own space. Now Must société can be described as a “multisensory space”. Their goal is as follows: to be unique, practical and to offer accessible design to all.

In addition to presenting decorative objects inspired by the latest trends, you can also stop by and get some delicious fresh bread or a bouquet of flowers grown right here in Quebec!

MUST SOCIÉTÉ: 186 Peel Street

Source: MUST société

10- Shapes and textures at Élément de base

EdB stands out in many ways, both for their original designs and their ambitious ideas. Determined to offer well thought out, practical pieces to their customers at a fraction of the original price, the company designs each item in their collection in Montreal in order to cut out any additional production costs.

Élément de base: 534 McCaffrey Street, Ville Saint-Laurent

Source: Élément de base

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Last modified 2023-11-07

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