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Walk-In Shower Options

Last modified: 2022-08-09 | Approximate reading time 5 mins

Many homeowners who wish to renovate their bathroom are currently considering the possibility of opting for a walk-in shower to modernize the space.

Of all the shower models available on the market, the walk-in shower is certainly one of the most popular for many reasons: elegance, accessibility and transparency. However, you’ll have to choose between several options in order to enjoy a shower that meets your practical and aesthetic needs.

The walk-in shower: the options available

Walk-in shower: with or without a wall

When it comes to choosing a walk-in shower, you’ll need to decide whether you’d like the shower to have walls or not. While some may wish to avoid installing walls for aesthetic reasons, we should note that their absence isn’t always desirable. Indeed, even if your bathroom is large enough to install a walk-in shower, this room may not be spacious enough that the toilet, sink and cabinets avoid being splashed with water from your shower.

If for practical reasons the wall installation turns out to be the best choice for you, several options are available: solid walls, glass walls or glass brick walls. In the case of solid walls, the border will be visible and can help define the style of the room: black borders are perfect for modern decor, while metallic borders will be ideal for contemporary decor. For their part, glass walls provide a perfectly refined decor and allow the shower to blend into the decor discreetly.

While glass brick walls may not appeal to everyone, their look is perfect for lovers of retro decor. Consider that they offer the best of both worlds by letting in natural light while creating a visual break that provides privacy.

Finally, note that a walk-in shower can have a solid wall as a border, whether it rises to the ceiling or not. This option will ensure maximum privacy for those who want it while allowing everyone in the room to go about their respective tasks in peace.

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The receiver: how to choose it

douche à l'italienne_Soumission Rénovation

When building a walk-in shower, it’ll be necessary to carefully choose the type of shower that’ll be installed. Here’s an overview of the different options available to you:

  • the recessed shower tray: This provides a floor-level look, quite perfect for the design of a walk-in shower. Note that its installation requires your floor to be perfectly waterproof ;
  • the extra-flat tray: The extra-flat tray is characterized by a reduced height (approximately 15 cm). Note that most of it will be concealed, with only 5 cm being visible ;
  • the masonry shower tray: A masonry shower tray is an option often chosen by those who wish to benefit from a shower without walls and without tiling ;
  • the tile tray: This type of tray is placed on the ground and offers a slope suited to the flow of water.

Materials available

Most walk-in showers have tile or mosaic tiles. Why is this? Quite simply because tiles are easy to maintain, in addition to being resistant and non-slip (if you’ve taken care to select a non-slip tile).

However, there are many other possibilities. Some may opt for a concrete shower, as this will provide a modern and industrial look. This material stands out from the others because of its resistance and its non-slip finish. It’s also possible to choose marble, which gives a look as prestigious as it is elegant.

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Although this possibility is not chosen often, we should mention that it’s also possible to use wood for your walk-in shower, straight out of a spa. If you wish, a pebble floor can also add a unique touch to your bathroom decor! This option works well in more natural settings, bringing a bit of the outdoors into the interior. This still requires a certain skill to obtain results that meet your expectations!

Natural stone is a possibility that may appeal to many! Indeed, this material ensures a perfect seal, in addition to having the advantage of offering a non-slip and antibacterial surface. Its appearance offers a calm and soothing atmosphere, which is a definite winner in a bathroom.

What about acrylic? If your budget is limited, know that this is the best choice available for you. However, it’s a fragile material, and this is a weak point. Therefore, its durability is not comparable to that of concrete or ceramic.

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A door or not?

douche à l'italienne

A door or not?

Note that a walk-in shower can be fitted with pivoting, sliding, or hinged doors. Also, it’s important to note that a hinged door with an opening of at least 90 cm will facilitate entry into the shower for people with reduced mobility.

A gutter or a central drain?

In order to evacuate the collection of water, you’ll have to install a gutter or a central drain. To choose between one and the other, it’s necessary to assess their respective advantages and disadvantages.

As a device located inside the shower tray (center), the drain is covered with a small perforated cover that allows water to drain out and not collect on your floor. Note that this is very easy to clean and that it’s also easily replaced. Moreover, its price is lower than that of a gutter. The main disadvantage lies in its flow rate, which is slower than that of the gutter.

Meanwhile, the gutter consists of a gully embedded inside the shower tray or installed near it (sloping). Among its advantages, it should be noted that it’s possible to integrate it into a variety of materials, which facilitates its integration with the rest of the shower visually. In addition, the channel has a faster flow than the central drain.

Secondly, it’s important to mention that the gutter is covered with a small screen to allow solid elements (hair in particular) to not pass through the drain. In terms of its disadvantage, it appears to be more expensive than our first option.

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