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Working in Renovation: Professional Painting

Last modified: 2022-08-15 | Approximate reading time 4 mins

Pursuing a career in professional house painting isn’t as simple as picking up a paintbrush and hoping for the best. In fact, this is an excellent trade for all to pursue, especially if you have a knack for paying attention to detail as well as expert level patience. However, becoming a professional painter requires much more than simply making the surfaces of a home look attractive. So, if you’re interested in this trade or you’re already working in the realm of home renovation, how can you move towards a career in professional painting?

Before you can move forward working as a professional painter, you need to know what’s involved as well as what it means to invest in this career. Luckily, we’re going to offer a rundown of what it’s like to work as a professional painter.

Working in renovation: professional painter

professional painter

source: unsplash

What do painting contractors do?

As you may have guessed, a painter's primary job is to do just that: paint. In a nutshell, this profession's main focus is to prepare surfaces as well as apply coating for both aesthetic and protective purposes. Of course, the work of a painter will generally stretch beyond simply coating the walls. In fact, a painter will need the skills to remove fixtures and replace them following the job, as well as knowing the right methods to cover and protect furniture, floors and other elements of a room.

The surfaces that professional painters cover are varied. Material wise, they can range from wood, drywall, concrete, and steel. These surfaces can live in commercial buildings such as factories, offices, storefronts, and institutions as well as in homes or apartments. When it comes to exterior painting, this job is usually done to protect or maintain these outdoor surfaces.

Other skills that most professional painters will need include an understanding of wallcovering installation, decorative as well as faux finishes. Furthermore, some painters may take up learning plaster, drywall and insulation techniques to further diversify their skills.

How to break into the world of professional painting?

paintbrush with paint on

source: pexels

The way that you break into the world of professional painting will have a lot to do with your personal trajectory. For many, there are no formal educational standards for painter contractors. Painters come up in many different fashions but most begin by way of apprenticeships for companies or directly under more experienced painters. To gain the relevant skills necessary to call yourself a professional painter, you should expect to spend two to four years in training. This will not only include painting experience but should also involve blueprint reading, measurement techniques as well as the use of basic painting tools.

Depending on the city or municipality where you’re living, the requirements for working as a painter will vary. In some instances, it will be necessary to complete technical school, specific classes or programs sponsored by trade unions in order to be fully certified. This may include a course that will inform new contractors about the risks and proper safety procedures for working with hazardous materials, including lead-based paints.

Do plenty of research to obtain the licensing requirements for the area in which you’re planning on working. In most cases, this will involve applying for a basic contractor's license, a certification exam and a number of hours that prove you have the viable experience to take on this profession.

The benefits of professional painting


source: unsplash

Job security: Think about the number of surfaces in the world; whether on a commercial building, apartments or homes there are plenty to cover! When it comes to new building construction or updating older ones, a renovation project is rarely complete without a fresh paint job. A career in professional painting offers excellent job security, as the opportunities are abundant and rarely run out. The world is your oyster!

Salary: Professional painters have excellent earning potential as a result of their demand. On top of regular or salaried pay, many painters can look forward to commissions, incentives, and bonuses from clients and workplaces.  Many renovation trades offer excellent income and benefits. Of course, when it comes to any salary, a painter with experience and working for a good company can make a quality living. The more years in this career, the more potential you have!

Working as a painting contractor: what are the requirements in Quebec?

In Quebec, you need to know that the Régie du Bâtiment du Québec requires that all contractors (including those working as house painters) have a valid license. Also, let’s specify that this applies to painting contractors working in the residential field as much as those working in the commercial one.

What about indoor or outdoor jobs? In both cases, obtaining a valid RBQ license is required. Regardless of the specific jobs the company is offering, a 9.0 license (for finishing works) is a prerequisite for everyone.

As a consumer, it’s worth noting the importance to work with a painting contractor who holds a valid license in due form. Indeed, this allows benefiting from an indemnity guarantee (of 20 000$ if you work with a specialized contractor and of 40 000$ if you work with a general contractor) if there is ever any prejudice such as unachieved or badly completed work.


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