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How to Renovate a Small Bathroom

Last modified: 2019/01/14 | Approximate reading time 3 mins

In an ideal world, each home would be equipped with at least one large bathroom. However, such is not the case in most dwellingsYet this does not mean that renovating your small bathroom cannot lead to spectacular results. In order to make the best of your small-scaled bathroom, here are a few recommendations to take into account:

Light and transparency: guiding you through your small bathroom renovation project

Installing a mirror is one of the best ways to add light and depth to a small room. You could also consider setting up a glass bathroom door, which will add transparency and avoid breaking up the space, which should be avoided in small rooms.

Ceramic tiles are often used for their shining reflection, which is a characteristic that also applies to other materials in the bathroom such as plumbing accessories, storage furniture and decorative elements. Bronze, gold and silver will reflect natural light inside your small bathroom, hence the fact that they represent a winning option to bring in a healthy amount of light in this modest space.

Small bathroom

Photo: Pixabay

Ceramic tiles in a small bathroom

Big tiles will create the illusion that the space is bigger, affecting the perception of the room’s size. In order to accentuate this effect, choose ceramic tiles with light colours and a glossy finish.

As is the case in other rooms of the house, it is also possible to implement other measures to make the room look bigger.

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Shower-bath: a winning choice in a small bathroom

Although some prefer the bath and shower to be two separate entities, by bringing them together, you will save a considerable amount of space. Moreover, nothing is keeping you from enjoying one or the other, depending on your mood in the moment.

While this is not often put into practice, it is possible to choose a bath with an opening on the side. This type of storage will not crowd up the space like a piece of furniture would and it will serve as a great spot for your shower gel, your towel and your bath accessories.

Renovating a small bathroom by relying on visual continuity

In order to bring the whole décor together in a harmonious manner, choose a flooring material that will keep going up to the edge of the bath. This will avoid creating a visual separation between these elements. In the same vein, try to limit the number of materials you will be using. If there are too many textures, this will create divisions, making your bathroom look even smaller than it really is.

A few extra tips on how to renovate a small bathroom

Why not set up your cabinets so that they reach the ceiling? This will help you avoid losing space and it will increase the storage that is available inside the cabinets. There is no better way to maximize your space than by using up every nook and cranny available.

It would be impossible to write an article about renovating a small bathroom without mentioning the practical aspect of sliding doors. Whether you decide to install a mirror whose lateral sides open horizontally or to integrate storage furniture that also operates in the same way, you will only see positive aspects in doing so. 

The main advantage will be that you will take up less space when using these elements. Concerning your choice for a toilet, think about opting for a wall-mounted model.

Lastly, you should consider built-in appliances as it will help you save even more space.

Decorating a small bathroom: a question of colour

If you don’t have the chance to enjoy natural sunlight coming in through your windows, it would be best to paint the walls of the bathroom a nice shade of white or yellow. The impact will also be felt on the perception of space in the room.

Renovating a small bathroom: a project that pays off

For information purposes, you will be happy to know that renovating a small bathroom often ensures a return on investment amounting to 75% to 100%. Very interesting, isn’t it?

To see examples of bathroom renovation projects completed by contractors, check out "10 examples of beautiful bathroom renovation projects". 

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