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Renovation tips

4 min read

Affordable Heat Pump Financial Aid Programs

Renovation tips

4 min read

Affordable Heat Pump Financial Aid Programs

Renovation tipsAffordable Heat Pump Financial Aid Programs

In the spirit of reducing greenhouse gasses and promoting “greener” homes, the Canadian government is offering grants to facilitate the purchase of heat pumps. In this article, learn about the most affordable heat pump financial assistance programs as well as the eligibility requirements. 

Wall-Mounted and Central Heat Pump Financial Plans

wall-mounted or central heat pump financial plans

Source: Canva

A heat pump is an apparatus that acts as an air conditioner during summer and a heater during winter. This versatile unit reduces yearly electricity consumption and increases its cost-effectiveness thanks to its energy-efficient functioning. However, its price point can be quite steep. For those reasons, the Canadian government has established financial plans for wall-mounted or central heat pump installation. Such financial aid programs are designed to help low- and middle-income households switch from standard heating units to heat pumps. 

Amongst the government-issued financial aid available, you have:

Hydro-Québec’s Efficient Heat Pump Program

Said program offers financial assistance from $300 to $2,800, which can be applied to select wall-mounted and central units. The amount provided by subsidies is based on the number of BTUs at which the unit is most efficient at -8°C. To benefit from financial assistance, one must check off several eligibility criteria. You’ll need to, beforehand, consult the list of eligible heat pumps and ensure that you’re submitting your request within 6 months of purchasing the heat pump. 

To learn more about the program, check out our article Hydro-Québec's Efficient Heat Pump Program.  

Hydro-Québec’s Electric Thermal Storage Installation Financial Assistance

You could qualify for $10,000 in financial assistance to install an electric thermal storage system. You may also be able to obtain $5,000 more if you add a heat pump to the mix. To benefit from this grant, you’ll need to register and receive work authorization from Hydro-Québec. 

The Canada Greener Homes Grant

In terms of installing a wall-mounted type of unit, the grant is either $2,500 or $5,000, based on the unit. For central units, the available financial aid tops at $5,000. 

Oil to Heat Pump Affordability Program

The grant can go up to $5,000 and is designed to replace fossil fuel heating systems with more eco-friendly and efficient systems.

The Énergir Grant

This one goes up to $5,500 and is available if you’re installing a natural gas central heat pump. Also, you can claim up to $5,800 in financial assistance to replace your oil furnace with a heat pump.

The Chauffez vert Program

This $1,275 grant is offered to those who replace their oil or propane heating system with an electric system.

For more information, check out our article about the Chauffez vert program. (French only)

Rénoclimat and Novoclimat Financial Aid Renovation Programs

Wall-mounted or central heat pump financial plans

Source: Canva

On top of the grants listed above, there are other financial assistance programs dedicated to heat pump installation such as Rénoclimat and Novoclimat.


This program was launched by the government to get homeowners to cut back on their energy consumption. First off, a consultant will visit your home to carry out an energy evaluation. The evaluation report will assess your home's energy needs and determine the type of work required to improve its energy efficiency. Prior to all of this and the unit’s installation, you’ll need to register with the program and go through a home visit with an advisor. Also, consult the list of heat pumps eligible for grants and make sure that you respect the criteria of the chosen program.

To learn more, check out our article Home Renovation Subsidy in Quebec: Rénoclimat.


Novoclimat’s heat pump financial assistance program offers grants for new construction, and more energy-efficient, Novoclimat-certified homes. The financial aid received is collected by the contractor and the buyer in the case of a house or by the developer in the case of a multi-unit building.

How can I receive a grant for a home heat pump?

wall-mounted and central heat pump financial plans

Source: Canva

To qualify for financial aid to install a home heat pump, you have to submit a grant application and provide a set of documents. These documents may vary depending on the program you choose. However, prior to submitting your request, you must ensure that you meet the required eligibility criteria. Here are a few:

  • Be the owner or primary resident of a year-round dwelling with a maximum of three storeys, basement excluded;

  • Reside in Quebec;

  • The unit installed must be a heat pump, not an air conditioner;

  • Your new heat pump must be listed in the eligible units, etc.

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Last modified 2023-11-07

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