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Each renovation project comes with its lot of concerns and questions. This is why, when the time comes to give your walls a fresh coat of paint,... Read more
Architectural concrete is a material that has the ability to combine business and pleasure. Its aesthetic properties, combined with some structural... Read more
A condo renovation is a serious undertaking, it involves plenty of steps including careful preparation and planning. Since you’re dealing with... Read more
Have you met an interior contractor before? This is a profession where precision is essential to ensure quality finishes inside the home. The installation... Read more
Well, that’s it! Finally, your renovations are finished and you’re satisfied with the end result of your anticipated work. Whether it’s putting... Read more
Nowadays, we are so used to having access to electricity at all times that when a problem occurs, we’re caught off guard. Many homeowners are... Read more
The dining room is a versatile and important fixture in the home. Not only does this space often connect a room or two, but it’s also multi-functional... Read more
The ideal refuge after a hard day's work, the basement is a room that we hope to be warm and welcoming. Of course, we want to avoid making this... Read more
Although the most skilled and patient of people will be able to attach and seal drywall joints together successfully, it’s important to recognize... Read more
Self-building has not been a frequent topic of discussion, yet over the past few years, this type of very large-scale project is now becoming common... Read more
Do you need to have gypsum board installed as part of a home renovation? Although it’s conceivable to carry this task out on your own, you may... Read more
After living in your home for some time, it’s normal to long for a change. If you’re not looking to make a huge move, or take on something... Read more
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