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6 Facts About Home Additions on Piles

6 Facts About Home Additions on Piles

Exterior renovations6 Facts About Home Additions on Piles

Whether for your growing family, for the arrival of a long-term house guest, or simply due to a lack of space, the reasons behind building a home addition are plentiful. Amongst the many possible solutions presented to those wishing to build a home extension, there is the home addition on screw piles. 

Since this type of project is quite extensive, doing the appropriate research beforehand is a must. So, what should you know regarding home extensions on screw piles?

6 Must-Know Facts About a Home Addition on Screw Piles

1) Piles are solid and durable

Home Additions on Stilts

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Although piles were formerly made of wood, note that it is no longer the case. Nowadays, they are made from galvanized steel, concrete, or a mix of the two. This type of material is chosen since it is exceptionally durable and lends itself well to the freeze-thaw cycle, and lasts through the years without deteriorating. 

2) Piles can be used in most soil types

With the exception of rocky or clayey soil, screw piles can be used in any type of soil. With this in mind, this option can usually be adapted to any kind of soil, therefore to a wide range of home addition projects. On another note, piles usually cost between $135 and $155 a piece, and prices may vary from one establishment to another.

3) Multiple factors should be considered when building a home addition on piles

Home Additions on Stilts

Even though the soil in which the piles will be installed is a determining factor as to how to project will turn out, one must take into consideration other aspects in order to ensure the home addition on the piles is sturdy and well set. 

As a matter of fact, all structural elements must be considered when evaluating the project. First and foremost, it is necessary to be able to evaluate all the loads that the expansion will support, not only the structural elements (foundation, walls, framework, and beams) but also the live loads, which means the weight of the home’s inhabitants, snow, and furniture that will eventually furnish the interior of this future section of the home. 

4) Hiring an engineer for a screw pile project

Before setting the motions for a home addition project, it is essential to have detailed plans drawn up showcasing every element. These plans will be drawn up by an engineer and will be required once you apply for a building permit with the city. Along the way, the project foreman will use these very plans to organize and establish the various steps of the building project. 

Given that installing piles to support a home addition will affect the overall structural base, it is essential to deal with specialized engineers when it comes to the actual stilts or pilings. 

5) Screw pile installation experts are not a thing

Home Additions on Stilts

Source: Canva

By that, we mean that as of now, there is no formal training when it comes to executing this type of project as it can relate to foundation work, plumbing, or electrical work. Surely, the only formal training available is by apprenticeship. Meaning that the related training will be done by means of a qualified and experienced worker who will lend their expertise and knowledge to novice field workers who wish to learn more in regards to a specific trade. 

6) Insulation is paramount when building a home addition on piles

Though the insulation quality must be at the heart of any priorities throughout the building process of any type of structure, it is a whole other criterion when it comes to a home addition on piles. As a matter of fact, a lack of sealing at floor level can lead to expensive heating bills given that your structural foundation will not be in direct contact with the ground.  

Even though a home addition on piles is overall cheaper than an extension built on a standard foundation, keep in mind that this type of project requires a superior level of insulation. Therefore, you are likely to save when it comes to the building part, yet it will get progressively more expensive when it comes to choosing an adequate sealant for the new structure.  

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Last modified 2023-11-07

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