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Wall Covering Inspirations: Wall Tiles

Last modified: 2017/09/11 | 2 mins

Are you thinking about installing tiles on a wall surface? Learn more about the different characteristics of this material, which is both durable and customizable.  

Ceramic is the most common material used for tiles. It comes from a solidification process where different minerals are heated at high temperatures. Other materials, like porcelain, are a part of the same family as ceramic but they tend to be identified separately. The type of ceramic that is used for wall tiles is made of clay, whereas porcelain is made of a mix of clay and pigments. Also available are terra cotta (baked clay) tiles or mineral glass tiles.  

The surface of the tiles is usually enameled, which gives it a finish that is smooth and shiny. Different colours, sizes and designs are available – some imitate other materials like wood. Tiles can also be painted, if you wish to adapt them to your home décor.

There are innumerous ways to install and set up your tiles, from straight horizontal lines to complex mosaics. In most cases, wall tiles are either installed in the kitchen, in the bathroom or in the basement. However, they can adapt to any room.

How to clean wall tiles

Tiles have many advantages. First of all, they are both durable and resistant. If you clean them on a weekly basis with a bit of soapy water, they will last a lifetime. For a quick cleanup, you may also want to use a vacuum cleaner or a broom.

Pros and cons of wall tiles

Ceramic tiles are waterproof, which means that they are well suited for surfaces that often come into contact with water or vapour (bathroom, kitchen backsplash, etc.) They are also quite easy to install: each tile is glued to the wall using glue, grout or a self-adhesive product which is applied directly on the back of the tile.

However, porcelain and other types of tiles also come with a few drawbacks. First of all, tiles tend to amplify sound and are quite bad at retaining heat. Therefore, given Canada’s weather conditions, this type of wall covering is not recommended for bedrooms and living rooms.

Another disadvantage is that if you use grout to install the tiles, they will quickly gather dust and other types of dirt inside the joints. Be sure to clean these parts using special tools or a water spray pump. A toothbrush will also do the job.

In terms of prices, on average, tiles cost about $1 to $7 per square foot. The costs will increase if you hire professionals for the installation process. Don’t forget to calculate the number of tiles you will need according to the size of the surface. Always get extra tiles in case some of the ones you buy break or are defective. 

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