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Reasons To Hire An Electrician: Indoor Projects

Reasons To Hire An Electrician: Indoor Projects

Interior renovationsReasons To Hire An Electrician: Indoor Projects

Some capable homeowners may feel comfortable tackling electrical work themselves. Replacing a light bulb or a circuit might seem a simple task. However, hiring an electrician simply makes sense in terms of respecting your budget, keeping your family safe as well as saving time and energy. Electrical contractors are crucial to home electrical projects running smoothly, as they understand the dangers of electrical work and know how to navigate them correctly.

Of course, electricians aren’t necessary for every project but there are certain, more challenging, ones that homeowners shouldn’t tackle themselves. If you’re a homeowner who rides somewhere in the middle and has some knowledge of the working of electricity but isn’t quite sure about all aspects, we have a list of projects that should be left to the professionals. 

Read on for a list of indoor projects that require an electrician!

Replacing light fixtures


source: pixabay, jarmoluk

Most homeowners are quite capable of replacing light fixtures themselves. However, sometimes the wattage of a new light fixture will not match the amperage of the circuit, and thus the fixture will be incompatible with your current system. If this is the case, homeowners will require an additional wire to be run from their circuit breaker. For homeowners who may not understand the inner workings of their electrical systems, it is best to hire an electrician to complete the job.

Running wires from your circuit breaker is a complex process, and if done incorrectly, could be relatively dangerous. There are a few other instances which might require the aid of an electrician when replacing a light fixture. Especially If you live in an old home, installing a ceiling fan may be tricky. Older buildings do not always have the insulation as well as the wiring to accommodate ceiling fans.

Further, some light fixtures may be too heavy for older ceilings to support. Make sure that if you are installing a new light fixture in an older home or building, that all wiring is in appropriate shape to support newer fixture models and voltage. If you’re not too certain, it would be suggested that you call an electrician. 

Installing Additional Outlets

Owning a home doesn’t necessarily mean that homeowners get to choose the placement of every single feature. Sometimes, the location of wiring has been predetermined, and thus, so have the outlets in a room. Homeowners may require additional outlets in a room due to awkward placement, lack of access or a need for more. Whatever the case may be, the installation process is not as straightforward as it may seem. New outlets require the help of an electrician to install, as the improper grounding of electricity can lead to sparking as well as the potential for fires.

Further, the process of installing additional outlets will require cutting a hole into the wall of the home. Electricians are trained in the specifics of this process, so if it’s something that your home requires, it’s best left up to them. Additional installations of this nature may be installing GFCI’s, which shut off the power if water is detected, or if an imbalance of power is in the home. GFCIs protect against electrocutions, preventing shocks by shutting off the power. 

Upgrading Electrical Panels


source: Pixabay, WerbeFabrik

As stated, upgrading to better or more modern lighting fixtures may require homeowners to add additional wiring. However, this is also the case with modern appliances which may not be supported by your current electrical panel.

When paired with new appliances, an older electrical panel can cause light flickering, power outages and even more serious electrical problems including serious damaging the new appliance. For this reason, older electrical panels or circuit breakers may need to be completely updated. This job will require an electrician, as most homeowners likely won’t know how to tackle this complicated process. 

Disclaimer: All tasks that touch on electricity are very risky and should be completed under the safest conditions. Additionally, in certain parts of Canada, only certified electricians are allowed to do this type of work. Please check before you do any electrical work yourself.

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Last modified 2023-11-07

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Table of contents

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