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Wall Covering Inspirations: Wood Panels and Wood By-products

Last modified: 2018/08/16 | Approximate reading time 2 mins

Wood is a popular flooring material but while checking out at Pinterest and home décor magazines, have you noticed that it is making a comeback on walls? Both wood and its by-products are very trendy right now. In the following paragraphs, you will learn more about the different wood products and their pros and cons:

If you’re looking to create a room that is warm and cozy, try to find a way to include wood as one of the central materials. Wood adds a lot of charm to a home and is very flexible in terms of textures, colours and designs.

Wood panels: a beautiful way to give that rustic charm to your walls

Much like with flooring, you can choose the essence of the wood, the disposition of the floorboards and the finish (varnished or not, lacquered, etc.). You can also paint the material according to your tastes and even have access to several designs through fibre-based by-products.

There are many types of wall coverings that are made of wood and its by-products. They are made using different types of wood, among which: hardwood or engineered wood. All wooden materials used for flooring can also be employed on walls.

  • Slats/wood panels: For the famous “shiplap” look. Several types of wood available. A style that is both refined and modern.
  • Wall panels with mouldings: imitation mouldings that are made of wood. Gives a look that is classic and sophisticated.
  • Wall planks: wooden slats that are installed side-by-side. Made of solid wood or faux wood that is made of PVC. Rustic effect. 

Wood by-products :

  • Fibre products: Wood fibre panels that are glued to a hard surface (usually plywood). A wide variety of textures, colours and shapes. Suitable for all décor types.
  • Cork: comes from the cork oak tree. Either sold in the form of a roll, panels or slabs. Very original and comes with good soundproofing and thermal insulation properties. More complicated to install.

In terms of the installation process, if we’re talking about slabs, panels or wall planks, the instructions will be rather similar to that of a floor. In regard to other materials such as wall panels with mouldings, cork and certain wood fibre products, the process will be more or less complicated, depending on the chosen material (type, shape, thickness, etc.).

Wood and its by-products are resistant and easy to maintain. Also, due to their thickness, they can be used to mask eventual wall imperfections.

However, in some cases, the installation process can be quite complicated and certain products aren’t as resistant against humidity when compared to others. Moreover, even though wood and its by-products are quite affordable, prices vary a lot depending on the type of wood or by-product that you have chosen (essence, colour, shape, etc.). For example, a product that is made of wood fibre will be much less expensive than hardwood.

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