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Are you looking for a cabinetmaker or a woodworker for your renovation projects? This type of task requires one to have good manual skills, creativity and a general passion for wood. Cabinetmakers and woodworkers operate on all sorts of jobs, from kitchen cabinets to trims in the living room, from wood structures in the backyard to shelves in the bathroom.

Whether self-taught or holding a diploma from a furniture craftsmanship school, cabinetmakers and woodworkers can help you carry out the renovation project of your dreams.

Here are a few examples of services that are offered by woodworkers and cabinetmakers:

  • Building and installing staircases
  • Building and installing shelves (kitchen, bathroom)
  • Building bookshelves
  • Installing wood trims and crown moldings
  • Custom-made furniture (beds, tables, benches, chairs, shelves, kitchen islands)
  • Stripping and varnishing
  • Finishing furniture and surfaces
  • Eco-friendly woodworking
  • 3D design
  • Partial walls
  • Commercial projects (furniture for restaurants, offices, stores), an online quoting service that helps you find a good woodworker or cabinetmaker

In order to join our network, contractors must meet a set of criteria. First, we check if they have the right licences to carry out the services that they offer. Next, we make sure that they have a valid business number, to see if their company is registered. The following step consists in checking if they have ever faced complaints and legal actions.

On the registration form, we ask for other information such as their liability insurance policy. Lastly, we send surveys and we contact our clients to make sure that we refer top-quality contractors. Your satisfaction is very important to us.

We also make a distinction between general contractors and specialized contractors. This means that if you have a large-scale renovation project, you could opt for a general contractor who will oversee the renovation project from beginning to end. Certain general contractors specialize in woodworking and cabinetry. If the general contractor that you hire for the project does not offer this type of service, they will be responsible to find a trustworthy company and will give this task to a subcontractor.

5 renovation tips for woodworking and cabinetry

  • Are you dreaming of a kitchen or a piece of furniture that is made from high-end wood? When manipulating this type of expensive material, this is not the time to choose the DIY option. Unless you have a lot of experience working with wood, this task is simply too risky. It would be quite unfortunate to commit rookie mistakes that would cause damage and incur extra fees. Instead, you should always hire a qualified professional.
  • By hiring a specialist to do the job, you can take this opportunity to add special details that reflect your personal taste, whilst finding a concept that optimises the space where the elements will be installed. For example, if your project consists in remodeling a kitchen, you will be able to work alongside the contractor. They will be able to create a plan that takes your needs into account.
  • You can get creative with unique, custom-made furniture and cabinets. However, don’t forget to take into account that if the furniture is built into the house’s architecture, when comes the time to sell the building, it might be hard to move them to your new house. In this case, certain quirky designs could turn off buyers with tastes that are more conventional. This is something to think about, as you will be the one living with the new furniture and home décor accessories. Therefore, your needs come first but both aspects need to be considered.
  • Before you select the professional with whom you will do business, meet with several companies. You must be able to establish a good relationship with the people that will be completing the woodworking project. In most cases, starting at the first meeting, you will be able to know whether the chemistry is there or not and if the communication between both parties is fluid.  By submitting your project to us, you will be referred to 3 contractors that will visit the project site to present a renovation quote. In doing so, you will save time spent searching for certified professionals, as well as money, by comparing different proposals.
  • Don’t forget to look for information about tax credits and subsidies and renovation projects, especially if your plans meet the criteria for an environmentally-friendly project. These types of programs change regularly, which means that you should check government websites, blogs (such as ours) and newspaper articles that announce new programs.

Check out our blog section to find out more information about woodworking and cabinets, including the average budget to plan for this type of renovation project and advice from wood specialists, covering a wide variety of subjects.

Here is a photo gallery showcasing different projects carried out by contractors that are a part of our network:

Ébéniste_Soumission Rénovation 01 Ébéniste_Soumission Rénovation 02 Ébéniste_Soumission Rénovation 03 Ébéniste_Soumission Rénovation 04

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