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6 DIY Wood Headboard Ideas

6 DIY Wood Headboard Ideas

Interior renovations6 DIY Wood Headboard Ideas

The bedroom, a peaceful, rest and relaxation haven, is, for all intents and purposes, an area that’s particularly cherished. And, the feature that obviously conjures relaxation the most is, without a doubt the bed, which one slumps onto after a workday.

In situations where a change of décor is called for, it might be tempting to replace all the furniture, including the bed. But, since it’s an expensive piece of furniture to change, why not give it a facelift to revamp it a little?

Has this option piqued your interest? Here are a few suggestions if you want to DIY a wood headboard in a unique fashion that’ll also mesh with your new décor!


A Re-Imagined Headboard


1) A wood plank headboard 

Source: Canva

Far from being just the most visible part of your bed, the headboard is a decorative element on which one can lean to give their bedroom a distinctive style. 

On that note, using repurposed wood to make a DIY headboard is a valuable option to keep in mind. When it comes to such a project, not only can you select the colour used on the planks but doing so can be beneficial as it can be done by the most novice of hobbyists, and that at a super low cost. Naturally, this type of feature blends in really well with more rustic décor, especially if you’re using traditional barn doors. 

In keeping with the above-mentioned suggestion, note that some people repurpose planks from wooden storage pallets, which are often used in grocery or department stores.

Are you the not-so-proud owner of a bland, old white headboard? Instead of disposing of it in the trash, without a second thought, simply wishing it was already gone, why not revamp it using thin wood planks of the colour and essence of your choosing?

You can mount the planks, side by side, to create a uniform surface or you can do so differently to obtain geometric shapes or patterns reminiscent of the rest of your décor. 

2) Featuring doors and windows inside!

Source: Canva

Still aren’t entirely convinced? Picture the appeal of vintage country house windows as a decorative element! If you can get your hands on some, they can easily be used to create a unique headboard, blending classic and rustic vibes. Doors can also be repurposed and trimmed accordingly. Positioned horizontally, they can add a modern twist to a bedroom that’s decorated in darker shades like maroon and dark green. 

3) Wooden crates, need I say more?

Source: Canva

The messy ones among us will surely appreciate the worth of this next suggestion. If you allow for a sufficient gap between your bed and the wall right behind the headboard, why not fill in this space with wooden crates hung high enough to dress up the wall?

Once again, this DIY project is rather cheap and is, above all, a very effective storage solution. Based on this idea, note that doing as such doesn’t require you to buy a massive wardrobe to store clothes and other diverse items, which is beneficial in small spaces. Naturally, you’ll need to find an adequate way to link the crates together, while also having a good amount so that the structure can rise above the bed area. 

4) Blending geometric shapes

Source: Canva

Albeit this suggestion does involve a bit more work and know-how, you can still purchase a wood panel and cut it into different pieces, which can later be mounted to the wall by allowing a small gap between each, much like a large-piece jigsaw puzzle. 

Ideally suited to a more modern décor because it definitely highlights straight lines and angles, this type of project allows you to create as many patterns as you want, and as diverse as your imagination will allow!

5) A headboard made of mouldings

Source: Canva

Another idea that involves wood planks: Repurposing old and disused mouldings and mounting them length-wise above the bed by lining them up, one above the other or allowing for a gap between each slat could be worthwhile. Should you opt for the latter, consider painting the wall behind the mouldings a different colour than the rest of the room to create an accent wall, thereby creating a visual distinction between the headboard and the bed. However, if you’re wanting to create a more delicate look, choose thinner mouldings.

Keep in mind that you can also hire an artisan or a carpenter who is willing to shape your mouldings into more detailed patterns, thus allowing you to create the perfect headboard suited to your décor. 

6) Masterpiece of a headboard

Source: Canva

Last but not least, this suggestion consists of repurposing a wooden frame that’s rightly sized and mounting it directly above your bed. Whether or not you choose to keep the picture in the frame or not, note that you can keep just the frame and use an illustration that better suits your style and décor. 

Need more suggestions when it comes to renovating your bedroom? Check out our article 10 Renovation Projects to Transform Your Bedroom

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Last modified 2023-11-15

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