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10 Examples of Kitchen Renovation Projects


4 min read

10 Examples of Kitchen Renovation Projects

Kitchen10 Examples of Kitchen Renovation Projects

Everyone dreams of having a kitchen that is beautiful, efficient and well-equipped. We spend a lot of time in this room and as a consequence, it is best to feel at ease in this environment. The kitchen is also one of the first rooms to be renovated by many homeowners.

This transformation can help improve people's quality of life and also increases the value of the house. Of course, the first step to launch a renovation project is to make a list of things to change and to think about the layout and decor of the new room.

During this step, we have fun visiting Pinterest and other home decor sites to find ideas. These inspirations help to think about the way the elements will be arranged, as well as the colours and furniture. To this end, we have decided to present kitchen renovation projects completed by contractors that are a part of the network.

Here are 10 examples of inspiring kitchen renovations 

1. Wooden beams and a tile backsplash

Kulina design

Contractor: Kulina Design

We love the rustic inspiration in this modern kitchen. The wooden beams add a bit of warmth to this room which is otherwise very sophisticated.

2. Kitchen with a classical decor

Cuisine classique

Contractor: Arta construction

We see a lot of modern kitchens but some people prefer classic decors. In this kitchen, we particularly like the island with a built-in sink and microwave. 

3. Open-space kitchen and dining area

Cuisine aire ouverte

Contractor: One oak construction

It can be difficult to bring together the kitchen, the dining room and the living room in the same space whilst keeping a harmonious decor. The renovations that were completed in this home are very successful to this end.

4. Plenty of storage

Cuisine à armoires blanches

Contractor: Soll Solutions

This is a dream kitchen for people who need a lot of storage space. Also, the fact that the upper cabinets have glass doors adds an interesting visual detail.

5. Contrasting island in a white kitchen

Cuisine lumineuse et chaleureuse

Contractor: Construction Rénovation Distinction

Choosing a different colour for the kitchen island: this is a good idea to create a nice visual impact in the kitchen. Those lamps are also very original.

6. Modern kitchen with subdued lighting

Cuisine à armoires blanches avec sièges rouges

Contractor: Construction Pizzagalli

The lighting is a major strong point of this kitchen, as the layout and colour choices manage to exploit both the natural light and the artificial light which comes by of the ceiling lamps and the recessed lighting. The red bar stools, for their part, add a bit of colour in a world of white and black. 

7. Balance of warm and cold shades

Cuisine moderne tons neutres

Contractor: Armoire Natura

These homeowners wanted to play on different warmer and colder tones in their kitchen. The result is not as dreary as one could imagine; the textures in the marble and on the tile wall help add a touch of warmth to the room.

8. Large kitchen for master chefs

Cuisine moderne et classique avec plancher en bois

Contractor: Soll Solutions

Everything is oversized in this kitchen: the oven, the refrigerator, the storage, the island, the countertops, etc. This should please those that love cooking!

9. Colourful kitchen backsplash

Cuisine avec dosseret en tuiles vertes

Contractor: Construction Martin Tessier

We really love this green backsplash which adds a nice touch of colour that is well integrated into the room's decor.

10. Small kitchen with an efficient layout

Petite cuisine moderne

Contractor: Projection Construction

This small kitchen doesn't waste an ounce of space! Yet, it is far from cluttered. Moreover, the open shelves which showcase the bowls and plates also serve as decorative elements in this welcoming space. 

11. Bonus

The kitchen in the main photo was renovated by Kulina Design.

Articles about kitchen renovations

Our home renovation blog contains several articles about kitchen renovations. Here are some articles on the subject that should not be missed : 

We especially suggest that you check out our checklist for kitchen renovation projects, as this article contains a ton of information and also comes with a document you can use to organize your project. 

Looking for an idea of how much kitchen renovation projects can cost? Here is a video we prepared that presents different prices associated with this type of transformation: 

Get 3 renovation quotes for your kitchen renovation project can help you find a trustworthy contractor for your kitchen renovation project. By submitting your project to us, we’ll be able to put you in contact with the best companies in our network. Fill in the form on the homepage (it only takes a few minutes) and you will be contacted by trusted home renovation specialists.

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Last modified 2023-11-07

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