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5 Affordable Kitchen Backsplashes


5 min read

5 Affordable Kitchen Backsplashes

Kitchen5 Affordable Kitchen Backsplashes

If you're hoping to update your kitchen but don't want to break the bank, there are some simple ways that you can add flair and personal touch to your space. One section to start with is your kitchen's backsplash. Updating the backsplash offers a creative way for a simple refurbish without a total overhaul.

However, this project can still turn costly. If you're looking to save some funds while still renovating, has compiled a list of affordable options for every homeowner to consider.

Here are 5 cost-effective options for your kitchen backsplash

1) Vinyl backsplash

Photo: Quadrostyle

Vinyl is an exceptionally affordable material that offers the homeowner endless colour and pattern options. Regardless if you’ve got a minimal thing going on in your home or if you’re channelling the psychedelic 70’s, you won’t have to worry as there is something for everybody. Vinyl backsplashes are extremely easy to install. Measure the area you are looking to cover, then use scissors to cut out the pattern. Simply remove the backing and stick directly onto your wall.

This option is waterproof and won’t break the bank. Plus, if you happen to get sick of the paisley pattern you’ve chosen, you can opt out for another design at low cost and with little effort! Keep in mind that vinyl backing adheres best to smoothly painted walls, so it might be in your best interest to give your walls a fresh coat just in case!

2) Salvaged Wood backsplash

Photo: Next Luxury

If you’re trying to keep the rustic charm alive in your home, salvaged moulding and old wood boards are a beautiful option. Salvaged wood can be repainted or refinished to suit whatever personal style you’ve harnessed. Though, consider finishing with a semi-gloss paint or stain, as you'll want something water-resistant to stand up against any spills from the sink.

This low-cost backsplash option can be attached using construction adhesive. Also, make sure to seal the wood boards or panels with waterproof caulk. For lighter salvaged woods, like plywood, you could consider attaching the wood to the wall using strips of velcro. If you’re renting your place but in need of an update, this is the perfect option with minimal cost and commitment.

3) Mirror or Painted Glass Backsplash

Photo: The Kitchn

If you're working in a smaller space, it would be worth considering a mirror or painted glass backsplash. Not only can you watch yourself while you do the dishes, but it will open up even the tiniest kitchen to make it appear bigger and brighter. Mirrored electrical outlet covers add a final touch for a cohesive look. Painted glass still has a reflective quality while adding a splash of colour. Both materials protect against unwanted stains while animating the light in your kitchen.  Check your local thrift shop for large pieces of glass or mirrors. The installation process could be a little tricky, so if this job isn't feeling very DIY friendly, consider hiring a professional to take on the challenge!

4) Reclaimed or Discounted Tile backsplash

Photo: Home Bunch

If you're looking for a backsplash that will serve as a focal point, consider checking out your local Habitat for Humanity for some discounted tiles. You can create a colourful mosaic with a collage of mismatched tiles or search for minimal shades of white for a quirky take on subway tiles. Although buying new tiles can be costly, searching for mixed tiles at the local thrift store or HFH is a low-cost solution! Finish the tiles with a semi-gloss or glaze if they aren't already made of waterproof material.

5) Collected Materials

Photo: Hunker

Maybe you've got a taste for fine wines, or are you more of a beer-drinking or soda-loving person? Whatever your vice, start collecting those bottle caps or corks or even the bottles themselves, as these items could make for an interesting and unique kitchen backsplash. The options here are endless, as you can create a stylish backsplash with almost any material. Consider Mason jars that you're not using or old CDs you've been keeping or even beach rocks from your last vacation.

To attempt this project in your own kitchen with caps, adhere the bottle caps, then grout and seal them. If you're working with mason jars, use a hammer to break up the jars into pieces of varying sizes. and carefully apply these to the wall using a tile adhesive. Once the pieces have set, grout the entire backsplash followed by polishing the glass with a sponge, soap and water.

For the wine lovers out there, once you've collected enough corks to fill the backsplash, cut corks in half vertically and adhere them to the plywood board templates that have been pre-measured to fit your backsplash. Finish the job off with a clear sealant. These DIY projects don't only look great, but they'll impress friends and family alike! 

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Last modified 2023-11-07

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