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8 Renovation Projects That Will Renew Your Home

Last modified: 2020-01-10 | Approximate reading time 5 mins

Amanda Harvey

Renovation and remodelling projects aren’t the cheapest ventures. Not only do they take time and effort, but they can also leave your home in a state of unrest. However, if you’re feeling restless and in need of a change, there are plenty of small to mid-sized renovation projects that you can take on to breathe new life into a space.

Adding a fresh look and feel to the rooms of your home doesn’t have to cost a lot or take up all your spare time! We at have compiled a list of some clever ways that you can modernize and rejuvenate your home decor without breaking the bank or living in unrest for the next 6 months!

Here are 8 ideas for home renewal projects!

1- Incorporate a Focal Point

If the rooms in your house are feeling uninspired, and need something to break up the monotony, then consider adding a focal piece to the room to redefine the space. Incorporate salvaged wood pieces, additional kitchen storage or a giant bookshelf to breathe new life into tired areas. Consider an extravagant teak armour in your living room or kitchen.

Grade teak wood pieces can add to the value of your home decor, and give an overall rich feel without requiring an entire renovation. If that’s too big of an investment, consider small focal pieces or even new appliances to streamline efficiency in the home. Is there an espresso machine you’ve been eyeing for a while? The addition of accessible appliances can make a room feel as good as new with minimal effort involved.

2- Remodel or Replace Doors

Home renewal project_Replacing

source: Flickr, Tina Kjensli

You’d be surprised by how big of a change remodelling or replacing old doors can make to the rooms of your home. If you don’t have the funds for an entire remodel or new doors, then consider painting them instead. This may seem like a small project, but with the doors of the home often overlooked, this is a great place to incorporate some detail without going overboard. Consider painting bathroom doors in a bright colour or adding funky salvaged doors, like an old barn door or recycled wood, using this as a gateway to your kitchen or garage.

3- Redefine Shelving Units

If the shelves in your bathroom or kitchen are considered conventional or boring, this is one area of the home that can offer a quick update and a tinge of creativity where it wouldn’t otherwise be. Add floating shelves to boost an otherwise blank wall space with storage capacity. Books and various trinkets can add colour and interest to white shelves or monochromatic rooms. Maybe consider cubby-style shelving for pull-out baskets, boxes or bins, keeping items accessible but out of sight.

4- Update Lighting

source: Pixabay, Pexels

The lighting in your home has an incredible effect on how you view the rooms. You may not realize it, but lighting plays an integral role in room ambiance, and updating or changing fixtures as well as bulbs can have a stark impact without costing an arm and a leg. Consider dedicating a wall in your living room to some beloved artwork or photography, and incorporating direct lighting to highlight these pieces.

A beautiful light fixture can energize or soothe a space, so think about adding a chandelier to the kitchen or master bedroom for a classy addition without much in the way of renovation. Ambient lighting is another excellent way to add depth and character to a room, so examine ways that you can incorporate ambient lighting into bedrooms and bathrooms to soften the feel of these spaces.

5- Update Kitchen Hardware

An entire kitchen or bathroom renovation project will not only be time-consuming, but it will cost a pretty penny. Instead of ripping out the fixtures, floors and walls of your kitchen, a simple revival can consist of adding new pieces of hardware. Update faucets as well as outdated handles on your kitchen or bathroom cupboards to more modern models. Replace the showerhead to revive your morning routine and assist in creating the perfect shower experience.

6- Update Outdoor Spaces!

With spring approaching, there are plenty of ways to update the exterior of your home without undertaking a full reno. A landscaped walkway is a beautiful addition to your home which is fresh and inviting. If the space allows for it, and you’ve always wanted a place to sit outside and relax on hot summer nights, consider constructing a patio outside of your home. Choose an intriguing design, regardless of size, and incorporate furniture with both comfort and style. Remember: if you’re moving forward with this renovation project, check your municipality for permits, as not all cities allow you to move ahead and simply add a patio to the exterior of your home.

7- Embellish the Entrance

Front stairway_House transformation

source: Pixabay, pexels

A great way to update the look of your home without going overboard is to add some embellishment to the exterior of your front entrance. Millwork adds richness and character when framing a doorway. Pull elements from your home decor and incorporate them into your home's exterior. Paint the millwork or door itself in a colour that will make you stand out from the rest of the homes on the block. Add address numbers, outdoor lighting or a unique vintage letterbox.

Now, move inside and consider ways that you can update the entryway, as this is the first impression to the rest of your home. Make sure this area is functional and not cluttered, adding furniture that serves multiple purposes. Consider adding a bench that holds shoes neatly underneath. Also, think up inventive storage solutions, including wall hooks, lockers or cubbies. Keep this space organized to leave guests feeling comfortable when entering your home.

8- Restore Your Floors!

Wooden floor

Source: Unsplash

Your floors come up against dirt, grime, grease as well as high foot traffic. Thus, over time they start to look lacklustre, distressed and dull. A smart way to give the rooms of your home a quick update is to restore shine to your floors. Polish floors with a product that is suitable for the material they are made from, depending on if they’re hardwood, bamboo or tile. Remember, wood floors should be polished at least once a year, or every four-to-six months in areas with higher foot traffic.

If you have carpeting instead of a floor material that can be polished, consider getting these professionally cleaned. Although weekly vacuuming removes topical dirt, dust and grime, professional carpet cleaning will remove stains, dust mites and trapped allergens, while preventing the growth of mildew and mould.

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