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Renovating a Property In Montreal

Renovating a Property In Montreal

Interior renovationsRenovating a Property In Montreal

When renovating a property in Montreal, there are several things to consider that do not necessarily apply to other municipalities. Examples include by-laws, licensing and the specifics associated with certain areas of the city.

That's why we thought about creating this specific guide for people who live in Montreal and want to renovate a property. You'll find useful information, relevant links and answers to many of your questions.

Renovating in Montreal: finding contractors, obtaining permits and knowing the regulations

Montreal's Municipal Bylaws for Renovations: How to Know Them

A first tip when you launch a renovation project in the city: check out the regulations that are in effect at that time.

It is very important to operate legally, especially for large-scale work and projects that take place outside. Here are some examples of projects for which you may need a renovation permit:

  • Roof replacement (except for certain materials such as membrane)

  • Most patio or balcony installation projects

  • Exterior cladding work (except minor repairs)

If you live in a heritage home, you will have to comply with stricter regulations. As each situation may be different, the best thing to do is to check directly with your area's permit counter!

You can visit your borough's website. Here are the direct links for each borough of the city (in french only):

Rénovation maison à Montréal

How to find certified contractors working in Montreal

Are you looking for reliable, value-for-money contractors operating in the Montreal area? We're here to help! We have a network of more than 7,000 certified contractors, many of whom work in Montreal. These contractors go through a variety of verifications to be part of the platform.

For your part, simply fill out the form that is on this page or on the main page. Then you will be put in touch with contractors who are interested in submitting a quote. They will contact you to arrange a meeting. You will then be able to compare the proposals while looking at their profile page which gives access to customer feedback.

Would you like to learn more about our contractor selection process and how we operate?

Check out our FAQ page and our article How Chooses The Contractors in Their Network.

You can also use our Handy Guide to choose your contractor.

Maison patrimoniale à Montréal

Conditions and problems specific to properties located in Montreal

Some Montreal homeowners face problems that affect the metropolis more specifically because of the type of construction and the age of the buildings. One example is lead piping, which is being replaced in stages in different areas of the city.

Here are two articles to read about lead in the water in Montreal:

Another problem worth mentioning is that recent discoveries have confirmed that several Montreal residences were built on former dumps without being completely decontaminated. Homeowners sometimes face some rather dangerous problems, including the presence of radon gas in the basement.

Finally, among the most common problems faced by homeowners in Montreal is the emerald ash borer, an insect that attacks trees. Municipal authorities are working to combat this critter, which has caused many headaches for homeowners and horticulturists who work in the city.

Rénovation maison patrimoniale Montréal

Subsidies available for renovations in Montreal

Before you officially launch the renovations, you should inquire about the various subsidies available at the moment to finance a renovation project. Some subsidies are offered by the city, while others are the responsibility of the provincial and federal governments.

As is the case with permits, there may be changes and variations according to where you live, so we strongly advise you to check the websites of different levels of government to find out how to access these subsidies (as well as tax credits).

Rénovations intérieures montréal

Some places to buy building and renovation materials in Montreal

Looking for good places to buy building and renovation materials in Montreal? In addition to big-box stores (Rona, Home Depot, Home Hardware, BMR), there are also many specialty stores for different types of materials such as everything related to bathroom renovation, kitchens, ceramics, decorative accessories and so on.

Here are some useful addresses for finding materials, furniture and products that are useful for renovations in Montreal:

Are you looking for recycled materials to reduce your expenses and adopt greener practices? Visit the Re:store, a large renovation centre associated with Habitat for Humanity, which sells second-hand furniture, products and materials.

Here are the addresses of the Re:Store

  • Saint-Léonard store: 6240, Boulevard Henri-Bourassa East

  • South West: 4399 Notre-Dame Street West

Renovation guides to organize your projects

If you are planning a medium or large renovation project, we have prepared tools that could help you through the process!

To give you a general idea of the costs associated with the projects you want to start, you can first use our cost estimator and our renovation price guide. Here are the links to access it:

And to make sure you get through the various stages of the project, you can use our checklists:

Get 3 renovation quotes for your home renovation project can help you get quotes for your home renovation project. If you submit your project to us, we’ll put you in contact with top-rated contractors. Fill in the form on the homepage (it only takes a few minutes), and you will get estimates from trusted professionals.

Dial 1-844 828-1588 to speak with one of our customer service representatives.

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Last modified 2023-11-07

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