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How to Get a Kitchen Countertop for Under $100


4 min read

How to Get a Kitchen Countertop for Under $100

KitchenHow to Get a Kitchen Countertop for Under $100

Looking to change your kitchen countertop but think you can’t afford it? A countertop is a work surface that needs to be both practical and aesthetically pleasing. It is also one of the elements that can be very expensive when renovating a kitchen. 

A quick look at our article about kitchen countertops (Price guide: kitchen countertops) will have you notice that several materials are quite costly. However, there are materials that are affordable and of good quality.

Discover these amazing kitchen countertop materials that cost less than 100$ per square foot.

3 kitchen countertop materials that cost less than $100/square foot

Note: Throughout the article, we mostly discuss kitchen countertops, but all the information and advice apply to bathroom countertops too, along with other surfaces alike.

1) Laminate countertop

afordable kitchen countertop

Source: Canva

Laminate countertop is made of plastic-covered chipboard, plywood or wood fibres. Many colours, patterns, and textures are available. 


Pros and cons of laminate countertops

Also, it is resistant to water and stains. Another advantage is that it is easy to clean: you only need water and soap to clear off dirt. However, laminate is sensitive to scratches, therefore, cutting food directly on the surface is not recommended. Always use a cutting board to protect it.


Cost of a laminate countertop

Since laminate is very affordable and durable - between $6 to $30 per square foot - it is one of the most popular materials used for kitchen countertops.

2) Tile countertop

afordable kitchen countertop

Source: Canva

Tiles are made from clay which is heated at very high temperatures. The ones that are used for kitchens are usually porcelain or ceramic tiles. Many textures, colours and patterns are available and you can assemble them in various ways. You could even create amazing mosaics. Although a tile surface is usually polished, you can also find matte finish ones.


Pros and cons of tile countertops

Tiles are resistant to water, heat, stains and scratches. They are durable and easy to clean.

However, be careful with your porcelain and glass kitchen accessories: they probably won’t resist if they fall on your tile countertops. Also, since tile joints tend to accumulate dirt, this part can be quite hard to clean. Lastly, cutting food on tiles may damage them so you should use a cutting board to prevent it.

Cost of a laminate countertop

Tiles are very affordable. They cost anywhere between $0.60 and $36 per square foot.

Learn more about ceramics by checking out this article: Different types of ceramics and their features.

3) Wooden countertop

afordable kitchen countertop

Source: Canva

A wide range of wooden countertops is available. Much like in floor covering, you can choose the type of wood and the finish that best suits your taste. For kitchens, types of wood like oak, beech, and teak are more suitable. Wood is a very good material on which to cut food.


Pros and cons of wood countertops

Also, its level of heat resistance is good and it is easy to clean. However, wood is less durable than the other materials used for kitchen countertops. It is sensitive both to humidity and to scratches. 

Also, wood changes depending on the environment: it tends to contract in dry weather and expands when the air is humid. Finally, be aware that you will have to varnish or oil your wood kitchen countertops on a regular basis in order to protect them.


Price of a wooden countertop

Wood kitchen countertops cost from $12 to $110 per square foot. 

Affordable kitchen countertops in a nutshell

Type of counter
Average price

Laminate counter

approx. $6 to $30/square foot

Tile counter

approx. $0.60 to $36/square foot

Wooden counter

approx. $12 to $110/square foot

All the prices mentioned in this article do not include the installation process, which can vary depending on the material chosen and the complexity of the task.

To find out about the average prices of different home renovation projects, check out our Home renovation price guide. 

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Last modified 2023-11-07

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