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What you should know before adding a floor to your home

Last modified: 2022-05-03 | Approximate reading time 4 mins

There are several reasons that may motivate a homeowner to consider adding a floor to their home. A growing family or a desire to rent the new floor and enjoy the additional income are definite reasons behind such an important decision. The desire to avoid moving, as well as the need to enjoy a larger living space both seem like other relevant options. For some homeowners, this state of affairs indicates the need to expand the home through the construction of an additional floor.

Nevertheless, there are many factors to consider before undertaking such a project. To better understand this large-scale approach, here are the important things to know about adding a floor to your home.

The costs involved when adding a floor to your house


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Bear in mind, adding a floor to your home is particularly expensive. Overall, the total amount will likely be between $120,000 and $240,000. It should be noted that some price differences exist depending on the characteristics of the different rooms on the floor.

In terms of price per square foot, the amount should vary between $180 and $240.

However, it should be noted that the price quoted may vary depending on a number of factors, such as the structure of the house, the exact dimensions of the extension, access to the lot, the architectural details of the extension and the materials used as well as the number of employees completing the job. For Montreal-specific renovations, some areas will ask that you pay a tax equivalent to 10% of the value of the land when adding a floor to your home.

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Despite the fact that the majority of projects undertaken are turn-key, some owners should consider completing part of the work by themselves, and these jobs may include painting, laying gypsum and drawing joints. This option will reduce the total amount your renovation will cost by several thousands of dollars and can be an interesting option for the owner who has the manual skills to carry out this work properly. In this case, it is recommended that you use a contractor at the very least for the construction of the structure, the roof, as well as the expertise of electrical and plumbing installations.

Maison avec extension ajout d'étage

Steps to add a new floor to a house

The first step to taking on this renovation project is the necessity to contact the municipal authorities to learn about the regulations surrounding the addition of a floor to an existing home. Certain municipalities will prohibit this type of project due to specific zoning provisions.

In order to obtain the necessary building permit before beginning your renovation project, it is necessary for you to submit a file to your municipality, detailing all the work you plan on completing. Although some variations may be required depending on the records, these are the following documents that are generally required:

  • A copy of the location certificate;
  • A detailed description of the work;
  • Plans describing the work done;
  • An assessment of the costs of the work

Not that it is difficult to predict how long a case may take to study, and therefore, cases may vary greatly from one municipality to another. In the worse case scenario, it can take up to six months. Be careful when preparing your file, as missing documents can significantly extend the processing time.

In the same vein, you should know that regulations can differ greatly depending on the municipality. It is therefore impossible for us to offer more details about the municipal laws in place. In any case, it will be necessary that the style of the new architecture of your building fits in with the rest of the neighbourhood.

Regarding the neighbourhood, it would be a good idea to be courteous and inform your neighbours of your intention to renovate. Indeed, work of this magnitude will cause their share of dust, as well as plenty of noise.

Building a new floor = added value?

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At first glance, adding a floor seems to be beneficial in terms of the resale price of your property. Nevertheless, it is crucial to make a nuance in relation to the value added by this new floor. Given the major investment that such a renovation project requires as well as the consideration of your area of residence, it may be that the project is not worth the effort.

Indeed, if your home is located in a neighbourhood where homes are relatively modest, such a house is unlikely to attract buyers. If the selling price is much higher than the rest of the houses in the area, this will not be an advantage. 

A recap of the costs associated 

Type of floor addition project Average price
Building a new floor on a home $180 to $240/square foot
Average price of a floor addition project $120 000 to $240 000

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