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Bedroom Renovation Guide

Bedroom Renovation Guide

Interior renovationsBedroom Renovation Guide

Everyone sets up their bedroom according to their own preferences. Some people want to adapt it to their own tastes, by putting a lot of effort into the room's decor, whereas others opt for a minimalist layout. The main goal of a bedroom is to provide a place for rest and privacy. 

This is one of the key places in the house, as we inevitably spend several hours per day in there, ideally in a comfortable situation. Sometimes, it becomes necessary to renovate so that the space is pleasant and well arranged. 

To help you with your bedroom renovation project, we have gathered all of our articles that could be relevant for this type of project: 

Bedroom decor and arrangement

People don't all associate the same level of importance with the way their bedroom is decorated. Some prefer a place that focuses on the practical and functional aspects of the room, whilst others take the opportunity to put their personal touch on it. There is no good or bad way to arrange a bedroom, as long as the room is comfortable and befits the tastes of the person who will use it. The following articles can give you ideas:

Home decor guides

For other sources of inspiration, here is a series of articles we have devoted to different styles of decoration that are timeless:

Chambre d'enfant

Photo: Unsplash

Children's bedroom

For a child, a bedroom is a refuge where they can have their intimacy, and where they can develop their passions, in addition to reflecting their personality through the way the room is decorated. Here are some ideas for creating a bedroom that is safe and appealing for your child:

Bedroom flooring materials

Which floor coverings are best for the bedroom? In the morning, when you get out of bed, it's nice to have a floor that feels comfortable under your feet. Ideally, this floor is also easy to maintain, in addition to being aesthetically adapted to the decor of the room.

Lampe à incandescence

Photo: Unsplash


Warm, subdued, well targeted ... The bedroom's lighting must be adapted to the needs of the occupant. Some people are big readers, and therefore need adequate lamps near the bed. Others need a dark room to sleep properly, whilst others want good lighting to see properly when doing their makeup and choosing their clothes.

Wall covering materials

Wall covering materials enhance the room's decor. In general, they are easy to install and can quickly transform a room. Some of these materials can even be installed temporarily. There are many options for wall coverings, which are featured in the following articles:

Chambre à coucher

Photo: Unsplash


This other type of wall covering deserves its own category because it is the most common option. Indeed, most people opt for paint as a wall coating because it is affordable and multifunctional.

Fenêtre avec plante

Photo: Unsplash

Doors and windows

Doors are what create the intimacy of the bedroom, whilst the windows allow natural light to enter and help with the aeration of the room. That's why it's so important to choose the right models of doors and windows for this room:

Bedroom closets and walk-ins

Storage is one of the essential aspects of a well-organized bedroom. Many people dream of having a walk-in wardrobe and this article addresses the design of this kind of storage space:


Can the bedroom be considered as a space for "well-being"? Yes of course! Here are some ideas and introductions to two Scandinavian concepts that will help make your bedroom a peaceful haven:

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Last modified 2023-11-07

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Table of contents

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