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The CHIP initiative (Connected Home over IP) for home automation

The CHIP initiative (Connected Home over IP) for home automation

Interior renovationsThe CHIP initiative (Connected Home over IP) for home automation

The more technology evolves, the more it changes the interaction we have on a daily basis with the devices we use. Our everyday objects are more and more connected: from our watches to our phones, including our household appliances, the features that home automation adds to our lives are interesting, in addition to being perfected over the years for more simple and instinctive usage.

Modern commercial spaces often include some form of home automation that allows the control of a remote surveillance system, for example, but it should be noted that home automation is also increasingly taking hold in our houses.

This system gives you the ability to control various functions of your home to customize it according to your needs. It can simplify your life and this change is able to reflect itself all the way to your kitchen! Let's see together what this could mean for your home and what the latest advances in this area are.

Home automation in a few words

Globally summarized, home automation is a field of expertise that brings together all the techniques for programming, controlling or automating certain functions of a living space.

For example, if you know that no one will be home between 11 a.m. and 5 p.m., home automation can give you the choice of programming a system to automatically lower the heat between those hours or even controlling it remotely! There are many ways you can use home automation in your house: this article will go into a few of them, but the options are plentiful.

femme qui tient une tablette_L'initiative CHIP (Connected Home over IP): la domotique en 2021_Soumission Rénovation

Connected Home over IP (CHIP): the home of tomorrow

The CHIP initiative (newly renamed Matter) aims to make the home automation process simpler by creating a unified protocol out of Internet Protocol (IP), which in the long term will allow all functions of your home to be controlled from a single system or a single application. This initiative also wants to put in place robust security standards that can be used by the majority of new devices that will enter the market.

In addition, the CHIP initiative wants to make smart home technologies more and more interoperable, which means that connected objects of different brands can work together and be controlled from the same application, always with the aim of simplifying the lives of users.

The CHIP initiative favours an open-source approach to allow developers around the world to create on a single common platform. It also wants to put in place certifications that confirm that the objects forming part of a home automation system are safe to use.

In the same vein, some of the largest traders in the world have joined the Connectivity Standards Alliance in order to pool some of their technological knowledge. These companies include Amazon, IKEA, Apple and Google, among others.

This initiative is good news for consumers, as home automation options will be more and more accessible in addition to being designed to work easily between them.

The latest advances in home automation

If you're wondering what a smart home connected to home automation might look like, here are some concrete examples. You can request an invisible sound system installed in your home, which means you can use your smartphone to listen to music from your favourite app in one or more rooms in your home.

On the other hand, the particularity of this system is that no loudspeaker is visible in the room! If you want to give a clean look to a minimalist decor, this system could be of great interest to you.

It's obvious that home automation offers choices, giving the opportunity to enthusiasts to create dazzling atmospheres with dim lights that are adjustable to a specific intensity and colour, but we can also use home automation in an eco-responsible aim and one does not exclude the other! The beauty of a home automation system is that it can be both useful for entertainment and it can also handle more utilitarian functions in your home.

graphique d'une maison_L'initiative CHIP (Connected Home over IP): la domotique en 2021_Soumission Rénovation

Being able to turn off your lights and regulate the heating remotely can translate into long-term savings on your energy consumption. There are even smart water leak detectors that notify you if a leak can occur anywhere in your home, having the potential to save you money on water damage work which is usually very expensive.

These detectors are usually installed near high-risk areas such as near the toilet or water heater, under any sink or in a laundry room. If a leak occurs, a signal is sent to the water alarm controller.

All of these existing and future solutions combine technology with residential and personal well-being while offering you the chance to save money and energy. A connected home will be easy to configure according to your tastes and your specific needs.

Source for images: Pixabay

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Last modified 2023-11-07

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