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Different Types of Patio Doors

Last modified: 2022-06-02 | Approximate reading time 4 mins

Cynthia Pigeon

Has the time come to change your patio door? Given that you will have to live with it for many years to come, you definitely do not want to regret your choice.

This is why we are giving you a sneak peek at the different types of patio doors that you can choose from.

Different Types of Patio Doors

PVC (Polyvinyl Chloride) 

PVC-made patio doors are still amongst the most purchased. Their popularity accounts for numerous reasons; PVC is affordable, resistant to impact and the elements, and not even rust or rot have much of an effect on it.

The praise does not end here, it is also worth mentioning that PVC doors are easy to install and offer excellent insulation results (thermal- and acoustic-wise), although this last factor is very much related to the quality of the profiles. In addition, PVC patio doors are available in a wide range of colours and, since PVC is a low-conductivity material, it saves on heating costs. At this point, it probably comes as no surprise that PVC patio doors account for a whopping 85% of the Canadian market. 

Note that you can even opt for a side-by-side door model, which brings in a great deal of natural light, and is quite aesthetically pleasing.

Lastly, the possibility of choosing an imitation wood PVC door may be worth considering as it is practical for those who prefer the unique look of this material while still benefiting from the many advantages of PVC. 


Though wood offers good thermal efficiency, it is the most expensive material featured. It offers, without a doubt, an incomparable charm and is undeniably aesthetically pleasing. However, it is important to keep in mind that its maintenance is significant, whether you simply think of the need to paint, stain, or varnish it.

Moreover, as you probably already know, wood is very susceptible to moisture. Lastly, since it is a natural material, you will have to be comfortable with the wood’s imperfections, like bumps and knots.

Photo: Pexels


Aluminum patio doors are widely recognized for their elegance, and they require very little maintenance in order to preserve them over time. Secondly, because of their sleek look, they blend in well with modern and contemporary decors.

Given the sometimes harsh weather conditions, it is preferable to select a door equipped with a thermal break in order to provide sufficient insulation. Moreover, it is essential to choose a door in accordance with the region in which you live. In terms of drawbacks, it should be noted that its thermal efficiency is not optimal as aluminum is a conductive material.


A galvanized steel patio door is generally the safest choice on this list because it is very sturdy. In fact, buyers often choose to combine this type of door with tempered glass, making it an almost unbreachable barrier for intruders. In addition, the insulation provided by this type of door is very effective.

porte patio_soumissionrenovation

Hybrid Patio Doors

PVC and Aluminum

Aluminum and PVC patio doors allow for the best of both worlds: beauty, insulation, durability, and lightness. Also, it is worth mentioning how low maintenance this model is! Besides, it is available in a variety of colours, making it easy to match with the overall decor.

PVC and Wood 

Since the inside doorframe is made of wood, it becomes a great aesthetic asset, especially since it can be painted in the colour of your choosing, thus blending in with your existing decor.

However, it should be noted that it will require a little more maintenance than other materials. And, as mentioned, wood is a natural material and has small imperfections. But, overall, you will be benefiting from all the advantages of PVC. 

Photo: Pixabay

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Two or Four Panels? Double- or Triple-Glazed?

When choosing a patio door, you can opt for a door with two or four panels. The latter will guarantee better insulation. Along those lines, choosing a triple-glazed door makes sense if you want to benefit from better insulation.

On another note, glazing with an inert gas (most often krypton or argon) will reduce the risk of condensation while also improving insulation.

Heated Patio Door… Why Not?

A heated patio door, which is now on the market, is powered by a small electrical current emitted inside the glass pane, which heats the enclosed gas. The whole device offers a remarkable thermal seal, hence its growing popularity. 

You may already be thinking about the cumbersome presence of electrical wires. Set your worries aside! The electrical wires are concealed within the frame. Moreover, the frame does not require any modification for this purpose. Thus, the appearance of the door is not altered. 

Regarding installation, note that an electrician must be called in to connect the wires safely and correctly. 

Overview of Patio Doors Available

Door Types Features
  • Affordable price;
  • Resilient to impact, rust and rot;
  • Easy to install;
  • Good thermal and acoustic insulation;
  • Available in many different colours.
  • High thermal efficiency;
  • Expansive;
  • Unrivalled charm and aesthetic;
  • Requires little maintenance;
  • Susceptible to moisture;
  • Can have imperfections.
  • Requires little maintenance;
  • Choose in accordance to where you live;
  • Ideal for modern or contemporary designs;
  • Must have thermal breaks;
  • Thermal efficiency is not optimal.
  • Very sturdy;
  • Very safe, especially when fitted with tempered glass;
  • High thermal efficiency.
Aluminum and PVC
  • Aesthetic look;
  • Good insulation properties;
  • Durable;
  • Light;
  • Requires little maintenance;
  • Available in many different colours.
PVC and Wood
  • Experience the beauty of wood;
  • Can be painted to suit your preferred aesthetic;
  • Requires a bit little more maintenance than other materials;
  • Benefit from all the PVC features;
  • Can have imperfections.


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