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10 Home Gym Ideas That Make You Want to Work Out!

10 Home Gym Ideas That Make You Want to Work Out!

Interior renovations10 Home Gym Ideas That Make You Want to Work Out!

Ready to whip yourself back into shape? If the thought of leaving your house to work out is enough to turn you off the idea completely, yet you happen to have an empty bedroom, why not turn it into a gym?

If this sounds like an interesting project, check out the following home gym ideas for some fitness-worthy inspiration!

1- A small, refined-looking gym

home gym

Source: Pinterest (

This gym, while with a limited floor plan, is proof enough that not all is lost if the dedicated space you have for your home gym isn’t all that big. While the one pictured above is rather modest in size, the mirror covering the entire side wall gives the gym an illusion of grandeur. 

Opting for light-coloured walls is also beneficial as it doesn’t darken the space at all and prevents it from looking cloistered of any sort. 

2- Big windows for a well-lit gym

home gym

Source: Pinterest (

Now this is a gym we’d all want to have in our homes! The abundance of natural light streaming through the windows provides a surge of energy and motivation, which is vital considering the purpose of the space.

Here too, the design is quite minimalist by avoiding any decorative pieces. Far from uninteresting, the décor exudes a sense of prestige, courtesy of the stunning outdoor landscape.

3- Zen-inspired home gym

 home gym

Source: Pinterest (

While some prefer an energetic setting for their daily workouts, others seek a serene and Zen fitness vibe. The wood featured around the room radiates warmth and calmness, complementing the design’s light beige walls and accents. With its ample space, this gym is perfect for those who want to invite a few friends over for a group workout sesh!

4- Garage turned home gym

home gym

Source: Pinterest (

For those who lack a spare room to set up their home gyms, fear not! You can always turn your garage into a fitness studio. Naturally, you’ll need to make sure the space is well insulated. In fact, if the space is used on a daily basis, it should have a thermal resistance above R-27. 

The showcased design embraces refinement at its finest, accentuated by well-thought-out, pristine white walls and an abundance of light streaming in from the garage door. 

Looking for more information about designing your garage? Check out our article A Guide to Building and Designing Your Garage

5- Home gym storage 

home gym

Source: Pinterest (

Even though you might not use your gym on a regular basis, it doesn’t mean you have to neglect its aesthetic and furnishings for less! A stainless steel mini fridge filled with water bottles and bare wood finished accent pieces will give the space a bit of character, while still providing all the necessary storage solutions to keep your gym well organized! 

6- Modern gym aesthetics

home gym

Source: Pinterest (

This modern décor makes way for wood, adding warmth and a charming appeal to the showcased home gym. The dedicated space is meticulously organized, ensuring a setup that’s bound to please the masses. Given the size of the room, every piece of furniture and furnishing has to be thoughtfully selected!

7- Add colour to your workout!

home gym

Source: Pinterest (

Who says only plain colours are fit for home gyms? While the predominant colour palette for this type of space is usually white and black, this one features delightful splashes of yellow. 

Exuding both energy and zest to power your upcoming workout, the bits of yellow add a much-appreciated dose of pep! The uniqueness of the back wall design is quite stunning, and it sure doesn’t go unnoticed. 

8- Effective storage for cramped quarters

home gym décor

Source: Pinterest (

This gym is proof that even in cramped quarters, maximizing the available space with effective storage solutions is key. As depicted above, the wall-mounted installation allows one to hang weights, a jump rope, and other equipment that would otherwise be on the floor. The décor as a whole is soothing, featuring light blue walls as well as light-coloured wood flooring.

9- Stylishly wallpapered

wallpapered home gym

Source: Pinterest (

Amidst the myriad of designs that can infuse character into a room, there’s a timeless charm to exposed brickwork. Yet, some might hesitate about getting a brick wall, whether it be for reasons of lack of time or fear they will get bored of the look. But, here’s why it could be interesting to opt for a quick and easy alternative: peel-and-stick brick wallpaper! The result is quite convincing and for a fraction of the price!

10- Modern rusticity

home gym

Source: Pinterest (

While paint is the go-to wall covering of choice when it comes to fitness studios, wood is also a worthwhile option! It imparts warmth and offers a striking contrast to the somewhat colder aspects often found in such a setting. With wood, there’s really no need to feature picture frames or other decorative items around the room, its presence alone will suffice to give your home gym the stunning look you want!

Want to learn more about the various wall covering available? Check out our article 10 Examples of Unique Wall Covering Materials.

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Last modified 2023-11-07

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