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Everything to Know About Water Filters

Everything to Know About Water Filters

Interior renovationsEverything to Know About Water Filters

Water is one of the most prevalent resources available in Quebec, and it allows us to carry out most of our daily tasks. From gardening to showering, by way of drinking water and for cooking purposes, quality water is of utmost importance, need I say more?

In this article, we’re going to delve into water filters, their functions, and the benefits of using one in your home. 

    How Do Water Filters Work?

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    A water filter is a device that retrieves contaminants found in water to then provide you with clean, filtered drinking water. Said device separates solid deposits found in the water by filtering them out via this apparatus. It’s most commonly found in a filter housing, which can be directly connected to a water filtration system. This is a system that you’re most likely familiar with if you’ve seen a water filter pitcher or dispenser before. 

    It’s rather easy to understand its workings, to the point where one can make a DIY water filter—and in case you’re interested, we’ll also delve into a permanent fixture that can be affixed directly to your water supply pipe. 

    The water filter system location can vary. A point-of-use water filter is usually installed near a relevant water output (like your sink) and filters the water solely for that outlet. 

    If you want to have a filtered water outlet near your faucet, you can, for example, install this type of system to your kitchen sink’s plumbing. You can also cherry-pick one tap that’ll be connected directly to the water filter. Preferring filtered water isn’t an issue in itself, and for green reasons, installing a water filter allows you to drink filtered water without needing to purchase disposable water bottles. 

    Before proceeding with installation, a professional company will analyze your water to then recommend the best water filtering device given the results of the analysis. That said, if you want to filter your water, you have to target the right concerns!

    To install a single water filtration device for the entire dwelling, you have to get a point-of-use system. This filter will be installed directly to the household’s main water supply pipe. That way, all the contaminants in the water will be removed from your home’s overall water supply. 

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    Different Types of Water Filters

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    Ultraviolet Purification System

    This affordable option functions by way of a glass tube above which water flows. In this tube, there’s a UV light which destroys all bacteria via ultraviolet rays. The UV light has to be changed every year to maintain optimal purification.

    Reverse Osmosis System

    This water purification system uses water pressure to do the work all the while using a membrane to filter the water of possible contaminants. This purification method will be of interest if you’re looking for something that’s really low-maintenance.

    Water Filter System

    When it comes to this system, it’s a standard filter that you’re most likely familiar with, there’s probably one in your water pitcher. It’s super efficient, and it has already proven itself, furthermore, it doesn’t require a power source to function. Overall, it’s a water filter that can target specific concerns. 

    What’s Hard Water?

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    Let’s start by stating that all municipalities treat water, by way of water treatment plants, prior to providing it to various households. When it comes to hard water, it’s not a matter of dirty or non-potable water. 

    Essentially, the degree of hardness of water corresponds to its mineral concentration, meaning calcium levels. Water carries a certain percentage of said minerals that’s slightly elevated when it comes into contact with rock formations prior to canalization. 

    Calcium contained in the water is responsible for, amongst other things, visible limescale on shower heads or at the bottom of a kettle. 

    Its impact varies: A too-high calcium concentration in your drinking water will clog your appliances and can dry out your skin while showering, but more so, it’ll cause your plumbing fixtures to rust over time. 

    In itself, limestone isn’t a health hazard. However, the rust found in municipal water canalization pipes can dislodge from the pipe walls and its contaminants can end up mixed in with your drinking water. 

    Filtered Water Is a Worthwhile Expense

    If you are consuming bottled water, make your life easier by installing a household water filtration system. It’s much simpler solely having to change your filter once a year than carrying water bottle bundles, having to dispose of the empty bottles in recycling bins or in case you’re using 18-litre containers, bringing the water jugs back to your local grocery store to refill them.

    Water purification manufacturing companies are all too aware of the challenges, and importance, surrounding the replacement of filters. That’s why you can designate a sole tap to be fitted with a filter filtration system, one that you commonly use to extract drinking water or water for cooking purposes, instead of for washing dishes or clothes. 

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    Last modified 2023-11-07

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