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Everything About White Marble Flooring and Countertops

Everything About White Marble Flooring and Countertops

Interior renovationsEverything About White Marble Flooring and Countertops

Appreciated for its incomparable beauty and elegance, white marble is a material that is suitable both for bathrooms and kitchens, used as a surface on a kitchen island, as a countertop or as flooring.

What do you need to know about this material to make sure marble can suit your needs and your next renovation project? has the answer for you!

What You Need to Know About White Marble

White marble flooring or countertop maintenance

Regarding its maintenance, it doesn’t require more care than regular marble. Therefore, the priorities are similar and can be summed up by these guidelines:

  • The use of a soft cloth or a lightly dampened sponge (for a countertop) or the use of a microfiber broom for a floor;

  • The execution of light circular movements to make sure not to scratch the surface;

  • For the products that will be used for regular maintenance, we favour dishwashing liquid, soda crystals and baking soda;

  • After each cleaning, the surface will need to be rinsed and dried out with a soft cloth;

  • To give your marble covering a little bit of gloss, know that it’s possible to rub it with a soft cloth with some petroleum jelly on it.

There is a word of caution to be kept in mind when it comes to cleaning products for marble. Indeed, it’s worth noting that corrosive and acidic products are not recommended. For this reason, forget bleach, scouring powder, vinegar or lemon, because these may damage your marble siding.

Know that it’s also possible to use a mix of water and baking powder. Of course, the surface will need to be cleaned after, to remove any remaining powder residue.


How to Maintain Marble Flooring

For the maintenance of your marble countertop, know that it’s possible to apply a special stain-proof wax. Not only will it allow you to protect your floor from stains as its name suggests, but it will also make your floor waterproof. This is essential if you choose marble as a floor siding for your bathroom.

By the way, let’s mention that you could fill the little cracks on the tiles by using a type of putty with the appropriate colour. If you can, reach out to a professional to restore your white marble floor.

What about polishing your floor? We must highlight that there is one simple way to give your floor a little gloss: applying glycerin on the surface. To avoid any scratches, it’s highly recommended to use a soft cloth to do so.

Sanding Marble Flooring for a Quick Restoration

Is your marble surface marked with a few scratches or impossible to clean? Has it lost its former sheen? In this case, getting it sanded by a professional is the right thing to do. Sanding will give your marble a surface without imperfections. After polishing, you could make the marble shine, which will then help regain its original radiance.

Be careful with stains and scratches!

Although it’s possible to address these two problems, better safe than sorry as the saying goes. In doing so, whenever possible, be vigilant and quickly wipe off any spill that might occur on your countertop or the floor.

To get rid of stains, the best recommendation to follow is to apply a cataplasm formed by a mixture of dishwashing liquid and flour. This mixture should be placed on the surface for a couple of hours while also being covered with plastic wrap. Afterwards, remove it and clean the surface with a lightly dampened cloth. That’s it!

Are you particularly sensitive to the sight of scratches on the surface of your countertop? Opt for an antique or matte finish. Since these styles are less polished, their surface reveals fewer scratches than glossy or polished finishes.

Obviously, it’s better not to cut anything directly on a marble countertop and to use placemats and coasters to limit the formation of scratches as much as possible. Also, take care not to slide pots or pans on a white countertop, but to lift them to avoid scratching the surface.

Applying a sealant to a white marble countertop

As with any marble surface, the application of a sealant product at least once a year is necessary, although some recommend repeating the process every 6 months. Check with your countertop manufacturer to get more information on that matter.

Know that the marble coating you are buying is already treated, but that the protection which it benefits from will only protect it from colour stains and not from those caused by the spill of acidic products or food on its surface. That's why we reiterate the importance of applying sealant once a year on it.

It’s all about the money…

If its price is generally comparable with the cost of regular marble (between $40 and $200 per foot square), we still have to outline that white Carrere marble is located at the top end of this price range. On this matter, we should specify that its a protected name because of its exclusive origin from a region of the same name located in Tuscany.

Note that this elevated price is also due to the near absence of veins, which makes it an almost perfect white marble. By the way, it should be noted that the fewer veins the marble will contain, the more expensive the asking price will be. For those whose budget allows such a purchase, this is a material that will never cease to surprise with its unrivalled beauty!

White marble landscaping: why not?

Although we think about it mostly for interior renovation projects, it should be noted that white marble is increasingly popular in landscaping projects. Because of its strength and waterproofness, it’s a relevant option for the creation of a trail that one would like to preserve for many years. Also, because of its distinctive look, we can consider it a decorative element in and of itself, which is in a position to enhance the backyard and its appearance.

In landscaping, white marble is mostly used in the form of aggregates, but it can still have a positive impact in creating a distinguished backyard.

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Last modified 2023-11-07

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