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Pantry: Tips for Choosing and Arranging It

Last modified: 2022-08-01 | Approximate reading time 3 mins

Christine Simard

A veritable Alibaba cave for all the foodies and apprentice cooks of this world, the pantry should be as practical as it is aesthetic. Between simplicity and modernity, its layout deserves thought and organization to make your kitchen experience as pleasant as possible.

Pantry: tips for choosing and arranging it

The walk-in pantry

Do you want to enjoy a nice walk-in pantry? In order for its construction and layout to be both functional and pleasing to the eye, certain guidelines should be followed.

For a start, your pantry should be at least four feet by four feet. Otherwise, there won't be enough space to move around easily and be able to store food and small kitchen accessories.

Second, keep in mind that a walk-in style pantry is not the main focus in the room. As a result, it must blend in with the decor by incorporating elements thereof, such as the dominant materials or the colours found in the room.

Although we don't usually choose this type of pantry to showcase it, it does have a major advantage: that of being able to hide the mess that is there and not forcing you to maintain it rigorously.

Pots dans garde-manger_garde-manger conseils pour l'aménagement_Soumission Rénovation

The open concept pantry

If you want your pantry to stand out (contrary to the walk-in style), why not go for a semi-open or fully open model? Slightly set back or built-in, but without a door, this type of pantry allows you to nurture the taste of cooking good meals while leaving all of your reserves in plain view.

Unlike the more discreet pantry, this one benefits from the vibrant colours of its spices and dried goods. Allowing it to shine brightly, this touch of colour will allow the pantry to draw attention to all the delicacies in your kitchen. In addition, organization lovers and waste-free pros will be able to play around with its design.

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What types of storage for your pantry?

In order to create a pantry that isn't visually boring, it is suggested to diversify the types of storage. When it comes to bins or baskets, the wire mesh models will add a special charm to your pantry while making the fruits and vegetables you are preparing for your next meal easily accessible. These baskets will be all the more practical as it will be possible to grab the food without even having to lift a lid.

Do you want a more rustic charm? The integration of vintage wooden boxes is an assured asset, as well as that of Masson jars which will allow you to store dried goods such as rice, beans, pasta or dried fruit, thereby enhancing them. 

Pots massons dans garde-manger_garde-manger conseils pour l'aménagement_Soumission Rénovation

Source: Good Housekeeping

Although conventional shelves still have their place, it would still be a good idea to devote some space to the integration of rotating shelves. Whether you choose to fit one or more, they have the advantage of being particularly large and offering plenty of space. 

For their part, traditional shelves don't offer this advantage: they should be small and more numerous, otherwise, you will have to constantly stretch your arm to be able to reach the items at the back. 

For deep storage, why not install sliding storage bins? Maximizing deep storage space also means seizing the opportunity to create a cellar space that will never leave you without good bottles to offer to your guests.

Small appliances: in the pantry or on the counter?

It will be good to determine where small appliances will be stored. Will you leave them on your kitchen counter or would you rather have them discreetly hidden in your pantry? If so, create a section for these and place them at a height that will allow you to reach them without difficulty.

appareils ménagers_garde-manger conseils pour l'aménagement_Soumission Rénovation

Source: Zoella

Choose the location of the food

Regarding the location of the food inside the pantry, go logically: for the stuff with which you cook on a daily basis, make sure they are at least reachable at arm's length and ideally, that they are at eye level. The less-used can be placed in high storage spaces. For those in between, crates or boxes on the floor will do just fine.

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