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How to Install a Hinged Interior Door

How to Install a Hinged Interior Door

Interior renovationsHow to Install a Hinged Interior Door

Are you needing an interior door installed? Just like every first-time endeavour, hesitation is always on the table. 

However, there is no need to be intimidated; this is an oh-so-simple project to execute. To know where to start, follow the outlined steps!

How to Choose Your Interior Door?

When the time comes to choose your hinged interior door, you will have the possibility of choosing between a solid or hollow core door; the core being the making of the door. The solid core door can be made of solid wood, polystyrene, laminated wood, or chipboard.

This type of door is usually picked based on its insulating and soundproofing features, as well as its high resistance to fire and impact. However, installation may require a little elbow grease, as it is particularly heavy. Also, it is a little more expensive than the hollow core door.

white door_how to install a hinged interior door

On the other hand, the hollow core door is generally built like a honeycomb on the inside and made of very light plastic tubes or wood slats. The exterior of the door can be covered with metal, veneer, MDF, or wood. As the name implies, the hollow core door is much easier to install because its lightweight.

However, its lightweight renders it less impact-resistant. And, since this type of door cannot be trimmed, taking the necessary precautionary measures before purchasing may be highly beneficial. While this door type is less soundproof and fire resistant than the solid core door, it is possible to remedy this matter by incorporating materials within its core with these qualities.

Installing an Interior Door

1) Build a door frame (if necessary)

To jumpstart the project, the first step will consist of building a door frame should there not be one already in place. To do so, start by measuring the width and height of the door opening. Next, subtract an inch and half of the width of the head jamb (this measurement reflects the height of the studs nailed on either side).

Now, cut the door jambs according to your measurements. Then, assemble your new door frame by nailing the side jambs to the central jamb. 

interior door handle_how to install a hinged interior door

2) Position the frame in place

Fit your frame into the opening. For stability, insert wedges between the wall and the jambs on either side. Next, use a carpenter's square to determine whether the angle formed by the side jambs and the middle border is straight. For extra measures, you may want to use a level.

Now, you can screw the frame to the wedges, but make sure you do not tighten the screws too much at first. Before doing so, measure the space between the jambs in three or four different spots and ensure all these measurements are the same. If not, unscrew and adjust the wedges accordingly. At this point, use a box cutter to remove the excess wedges.

3) Install hinges on the side of the door

Now comes the time to install the hinges. Before doing so, mark the location of each hinge plate on the edge of the door and measure the distance between them. Copy these measurements to the door frame. For the bottom hinge, allow for a half-inch clearance between the floor and the bottom of the door.

Use a chisel to carve out the hinge location. Proceed carefully to avoid unnecessary damage to the surface, but more importantly ensure that the carved surface is flat and straight. Finally, screw the hinges to the door.

door inside a room_how to install a hinged interior door

4) Install hinges and mount door

Next, install the hinges on the door frame. First, make sure that the designated location of each of the hinges on the frame matches the location of the hinges on the trim. Once you are confident that the two are aligned, use a chisel to carve out a slight recess on the frame where the hinges will be secured. Then, position your door in the frame and screw on the hinges.

5) Install the doorhandle

white door_how to install a hinged interior door

Finally, the finish line is in sight! As you may have noticed when purchasing the door handle that there was a drilling template included in the package. Use it to mark the location of the handle holes, while keeping in mind that a door handle is installed about 36 inches off the floor.

Now, the handle. Once the first part of the handle is in place, insert the keyhole part of the handle and screw it in place. Afterwards, put the other part in place and screw it in. Lastly, install the strike plate.

Step-by-Step Hinged Door Installation

1- Build and assemble door frame 

2- Positon door frame in the opening using wedges to ensure it is levelled

3- Install the hinges on the side of the door

4- Install the hinges on the door frame and mount it

5- Install the door handle while following the drilling template

Did you know…

Prior to installing your door, it is recommended to leave your new door in the space where it will be mounted for 24 hours. This will allow the material to adapt to the ambient temperature and prevent any adverse reactions, like warping or cracking when installed. 

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Last modified 2023-11-07

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