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How to Set Up a Laundry Room in Your Home | Renovation Quotes

How to Set Up a Laundry Room in Your Home | Renovation Quotes

Interior renovationsHow to Set Up a Laundry Room in Your Home | Renovation Quotes

A laundry room is a major convenience, allowing for clean clothes at any given moment. Usually separated from the rest of the home, this room can be treated as an afterthought, a place to dump dirty things and forget about them. However, there are plenty of ways to set up a laundry room properly to foster organization and efficiency.

If you’ve neglected this room up until now, there's no better moment than the present to focus your attention on this room! In no time, you can have the laundry room of your dreams by following our tips on how to set up an organized and charming interior.

How to set up a laundry room

laundry room

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Determine your laundry room needs

Before making any major moves, it's important to determine what your laundry room will need and how it can best function. Begin by asking yourself these questions:

  • How small is the space?

  • How frequently will I be using the laundry room?

  • Will I need extra storage to accommodate things?

  • Does this room serve any other purpose?

Once these factors have been determined, it will be much easier to know how to move forward. Make a checklist of items that you have already, as well as things you may need. Items to consider having in your laundry room are as follows:

  • washer;

  • dryer;

  • drying racks or mounted bars for hanging clothes;

  • laundry bins;

  • ironing board;

  • iron;

  • steamer.

Also, make sure you have as well all of the necessary cleaning products and utilities you may require.

Create a functional laundry room

laundry room

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Now that you have selected all the items needed for your laundry room, you should determine how to fit everything into the space in a practical and functional way. Consider giving everyone in your home their own hamper, which will make separating lights and darks easier. Alternatively, set up a sorter in your laundry room to provide an efficient method for clothing to be divided.

Of course, you’ll need counter space, as this will help contain tasks, like folding, to their place. If your washer and dryer are front-loading, it's possible to set up a counter on top of them. You'll need to install wood blocking. When doing this, make sure to leave space for the machines to move around without hitting the counter.

The counter could easily double as an ironing board if the room doesn't allow for both. Make sure that when installing the washer and dryer, the door swing on each is the opposite of the other. Essentially, you don’t want the door of the dryer getting in the way of the washer, as your clothing is directed from one to the other. Further, have an area for clothing to hang for delicates or fabrics that can't go into the dryer. 

Design for efficiency

Not only must the laundry room have a functional layout, but it should also foster efficiency for completing tasks. Better lighting is an important aspect of the laundry room, and this can include under cabinet lighting as well as task lighting. Especially if you don't have access to a window, you'll want to flood the space with as much light as possible. This way, you can properly see your washed clothing and can avoid leaving home in a shirt with a stain on it.

Another important consideration is finding a way to disperse the noise coming from this room. Although contemporary washers and dryers don’t emit too much noise, there are still plenty of ways for noise to bleed from this space into other areas of your home. Install batt insulation in the walls to reduce noise, as the washer and dryer are heavy appliances that can produce a lot of racket. Another common problem with modern washing machines is the noise known as a ''water hammer''. This consists of small bursts of water being added repeatedly into newer machines and this rattles pipes. 

Not only is the sound annoying, but has the potential to cause leaks. If you hear a clunking sound while the washer is running, get in touch with a plumber. A burst water hose can damage the interior of your home, so be aware and work through any potential problems before completing this renovation project.

Laundry room safety

laundry room

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The laundry room might not seem like a place of danger. However, there are several ways that this room can be unpredictable. We’ve discussed the washer quite a lot, but now let’s focus on the dryer! One of the safety concerns of a laundry room is the dryer duct. Be certain to always clean the lint filter and check the ductwork and exterior outlet at least once a year for buildup.

Make sure the dryer hasn't been pushed up against the wall, as this will crimp the exhaust. Ignoring these aspects of laundry room design could lead to damage as well as the potential for a fire, so be extra cautious. You don’t want to spend hours organizing your laundry room for it to become a hazardous space.

Interior ambiance

Finally, the fun part! After the space is functional, efficient and safe, you can begin to play around with making it your own. Your laundry room can easily be a space of rest and relaxation, an oasis away from the rest of the home. There are some small touches that'll help to make this space as livable as possible.

Get creative, if the floor of your laundry room is concrete, consider getting a rug or carpet to cushion feet and add some cozy appeal. Put up some frames with family photos or postcards that you’ve collected. Also, consider getting a dish or basin to catch all the contents that may be left in clothing pockets.

Another great addition to this room is a trash can, where you can throw leftover linen and lint. Other than these minor things, do whatever it takes to make this space dazzling. By adding some pleasing elements into the room, you’ll likely forget that laundry is even a chore!

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