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Balcony Maintenance Tips: Cleaning and Repairs

Balcony Maintenance Tips: Cleaning and Repairs

Exterior renovationsBalcony Maintenance Tips: Cleaning and Repairs

Keeping a balcony well maintained can be difficult! Your balcony hangs outside all day and night, sitting in the open air. As a result, it is susceptible to the various elements, collecting copious amounts of dirt and dust. Grime flies up from the adjacent street, birds set up their nests in its nooks, rain and snow come and go...

Although cleaning and maintaining your balcony may seem daunting, it is an important task to prolong both appearance and longevity.

The level of maintenance will directly depend on what your balcony is made out of, as well as how frequently it is tidied and cleaned. However, here are a few handy tips you can use and a few steps that you can follow in order to maintain the surface of your balcony, whatever the material!

How to keep your balcony looking and feeling beautiful!

Cleaning Your Balcony

Glass with drops of water on the

source: Pixabay, akshay_r13

First things first, the surface of the balcony needs to be cleaned. To begin, remove all furniture and plants from the balcony surface. Vigorously sweep the balcony using a stiff-haired broom and dustpan, being careful that debris does not spread in the air. Before cleaning the balcony floor, it is important to clean walls or railings as well as any glass doors surrounding the area.

If you have any, cleaning the glass doors must be done with a squeegee, working in an “S” motion to minimize streaking. To clean the walls of the balcony, fill a bucket with warm water and a degreasing or all-purpose cleaning solution. You can allow this to air dry.  If you've used an outdoor grill or BBQ of any sort, it has likely left grease or stains in its place. You can use a concentrated detergent and stiff brush to remove grease stains. Others recommend using kitty litter, crushing it over the stains and allowing it to stand overnight.

Once all the surrounding surfaces have been cleaned, mop the balcony with a scrub brush. The type of bristles on the brush will depend on the material of your balcony. Make sure to surround the edges of your balcony with towels to protect against runoff. Following, repeat this process with clear water to remove all leftover residue. It is important to repeat this process a few times a year to keep your balcony looking brand new.

If Your Balcony is Wood Plastic Composite

This type of balcony material requires some basic, year-round maintenance. As we’ve stated, it is important to periodically and thoroughly clean off all and any type of balcony. When it comes to wood plastic composite, cleaning can be completed with a powerful hose or pressure washer. Make sure if you do this to inspect carefully for any leftover debris, litter or leaves, as this could cause mould or mildew to occur.

Unfortunately, due to the nature of WPC's material, stains may not be easily removed. If you happen to spill a glass of wine or a plate of burger on this balcony flooring, it is recommended that you clean it up right away. For remaining or stubborn stains, remove should be done using the recommended composite cleaning solution. Do not use bleach to clean off stains, as it will lighten and discolour the material.

Also, wood plastic composite decking tends to bend and bulge due to extreme temperature changes and sunlight exposure like those faced in the changing Canadian seasons. To prevent this, it is important to start off with a good quality wood plastic composite and have it correctly installed from the get-go!

If Your Balcony is Natural Wood

If taken care of properly, the material of a natural wood balcony can last a long time. Again, clean the surface regularly to keep mould and mildew growth to a minimum. With natural wood, it is recommended that you apply decking oil every 6 to 12 months. Prolonged amounts of sunlight break down wood cells and cause the wood's surface to dry. Decking oil helps to lock in the wood's natural oils, so not only will this improve longevity, but it will help to keep the wood in immaculate condition.

Further, it is recommended that you revarnish the wood anytime it begins to look faded or if you’re just interested in updating its look. Unlike wood plastic composite, real wood will last a lifetime and is worth the solid investment, so make sure to take the correct care and put some love into it!

Further Balcony Maintenance Tips and Tricks


source: Pixabay, Iciapet

If your balcony dons any fabrics, furniture upholstery or textiles, it is important to launder these. Not just between seasons, but quite frequently to avoid further ways for dirt and grime to build up. Doing this regularly can ensure that it stays nice and clean rather than dishevelled and messy. If your balcony is large enough, consider employing built-in storage to put away seasonal items, as well as keeping more precious stuff away from dirt and dust.

Further, make sure to only keep the necessary things on your balcony, and find a nice balance between efficient and comfortable. When picking furniture, consider darker colours and avoid white at all costs. Remember, a white couch won’t stay white very long and will look far worse than a grey or black alternative hanging outside over a busy street!

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Last modified 2023-11-07

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