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Renovation tips

7 min read

10 Home Decor and Renovation Articles to Check Out - June 2020

Renovation tips

7 min read

10 Home Decor and Renovation Articles to Check Out - June 2020

Renovation tips10 Home Decor and Renovation Articles to Check Out - June 2020

Welcome back for the second installment of our monthly round-up! If you've found yourself about to dive into this article, we imagine that you’re a fellow home design, decor and renovation enthusiast. We too share this passion and thought it’d be fun to create a series that looks at the most interesting articles we've found on the internet that covers these subjects.

Each month, you’ll find 10 captivating articles that delve into architecture, decor trends, home transformations, construction materials and other themes of the sort. We'll also be sharing links to the best articles we have published on our home renovation blog. Since there's no use in making this intro any longer, here are our picks for June 2020!

Our favourite June 2020 decor and home renovation articles

1- Housing for the Elderly: Independent and Community Living


Within the current cultural climate, we need to begin rethinking the well-known structures in place in our day-to-day existence. Architecture is a field that shifts to adapt to current needs as they relate to social, economic, political and technological changes. On a daily basis, architects are looking to use their design skills in innovative and intriguing ways to provide a better quality of life to those who need it. In this article, ArchDaily examines the growing elderly population and looks directly at projects that promote the independence, dignity and well-being of this often-overlooked demographic. 

Here we find architects who are working to create a community framework of mutual support by way of good design; not only are these thinkers necessary, but the ideas are beautiful!

Find the full article here!

2- Black-Owned Home Decor Brands We Should All Be Supporting

Elle Decor Black Owned Businesses

Right now, we're facing a cultural shift and being asked to reexamine and redefine our values. When it comes to offering support to marginalized communities, it should start on the home front. Luckily, Elle Decor has compiled a list of Black-owned home decor brands so we can, quite literally, put our money where our mouth is. All of the selected businesses offer stunning and unique pieces to spruce up the interior. With the amount of online shopping we imagine you’re doing, now’s the time to peruse this list or do some research of your own to discover some local Black-owned home decor businesses.

Click to check out the article

3- Black Interior Designers We Should All Be Following

Brigette Romanek

In the same line of thinking, we need to find ways to prioritize and lift up a diverse set of voices across all professions. If you’re a lover of interior design, and simply can’t get enough of scrolling through Instagram for the hottest decor trends, MyDomaine put together a list of Black interior designers that are offering up plenty of inspiration to their followers!

Read the full article here

4- A Look At Ryan Murphy’s Most Iconic Sets

Ryan Murphy

It’s likely that during this period of uncertainty, a lot of us are consuming plenty of film and television. When it comes to interior design techniques, these forms of media are excellent sources of inspiration. This is especially true of the productions of Ryan Murphy, best known for American Horror Story and most recently, Hollywood. Although covering a distinctly different subject matter, there is an aesthetic thread that runs through all of his projects. This Architectural Digest article gives us something to think about!

Take a look for further inspiration

5- Ecocapsule Launches SPACE for Semi-Off-Grid Living


As a direct reflection of ways to combat global warming and the environmental crisis, many are considering alternative ways of living. This includes going off-grid. This article on the Inhabitat website profiles The Slovak company Ecocapsule, which has designed a series of tiny egg-shaped mobile homes powered by solar and wind. Although this style of existence may seem far out of reach, it’s important to dream of brighter futures and possibilities. 

Take a peek!

6- How the NYC-Design Scene is Adapting to a Covid-19 World

New York City has been one of the epicentres of the COVID epidemic. Thus, it’s been necessary for many professionals to think about alternative ways of living, working, and being. This goes for the New York design community as well, which has had to reinvent and rethink exhibitions, and individual design practices and reimagine the future of design. Super compelling stuff!

Click to read the full article

7- 13 Kitchen Storage Ideas That Would Make Marie Kondo Proud

Kitchen storage

Since we’re all stuck indoors for the foreseeable future, we may be passing the time by finding new ways to organize our interior spaces. In the kitchen, there’s always room for improvement. This article from MyDomaine keeps it cool, calm and cute with some seriously exciting kitchen storage tactics to try out: what are you waiting for?

Look no further for kitchen storage inspiration 

8- How to Create a DIY Balcony Herb Garden

diy balcony herb garden

Again, during the pandemic, we’re putting a lot of intention into refreshing and repurposing the spaces in and around our home. This straightforward article by HGTV lays out the steps to creating your very own balcony herb garden. What better way to encompass everything that COVID is currently addressing: staying home, shopping less, enjoying the little things and cooking much, much more! 

9- Afraid of Designing a Boring Home?

Sarah Zachary design

It’s probably the case that most of us aspire to be creative, alas not all of us feel able to flex this muscle. If you’re hoping to take on a design or decor project, but are concerned about being boring, what can you do about it? An article on the Style by Emily Henderson blog has some advice from Sarah Zachary about ways to keep things interesting! Fear that renovation project no more with these tips!

Click for the full article

10- Found Space: A Garage-Turned-Backyard-Cottage in LA


Before stumbling across this article, never before had I seen the term “grottage.” Yes, that’s the description for a garage turned into a cottage-style living space. This Remodalista article covers a gorgeous renovation project that many may fantasize about, turning a garage into a fully functional backyard living space complete with plumbing and electricity!

Dreaming of a similar project? Check out the full article.

Here are our best home decor and renovation articles for the month!

Once you're done perusing all the previous articles, we've compiled a few more that may be of interest. These are from our home renovation blog, which features hundreds of articles covering a wide variety of subjects. 

Here are the best articles we’ve published in the last few weeks

2020: Home Decor Trends to Avoid and Why

This article covers current home decor trends that are fading into the distant past. If you’re taking on a home renovation or DIY project, we’d suggest checking out our list. 

Click to check out the full article

Optimized Living: 5 Ways to Improve the Layout of Your Home

As we deal with the Covid-19 pandemic, and with plenty of time on our hands, many are wondering how to make the most out of their interiors. This article addresses ways to improve the layout of your home.

Click for more!

Expectation vs Reality: Getting Backyard Swimming Pool

Yes, we’re just entering the summer season and already dealing with hot weather. A lot of homeowners may envision installing a pool in the backyard without actually considering the reality of this project.

Curious to know more? Read on!

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Last modified 2023-11-07

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