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Renovation Inspiration: 10 Ways to Design a Loft

Renovation Inspiration: 10 Ways to Design a Loft

Interior renovationsRenovation Inspiration: 10 Ways to Design a Loft

Nowadays, more and more people leave their comfort zone to tackle the adventure of remodelling or renovating their living spaces to convert them into open spaces or loft-style apartments. Also, for fans of the authentic loft lifestyle, it's always possible to buy a space in an old industrial building and transform it in order to have a beautiful and trendy loft as a final result.

However, in both these cases, it isn't always easy to imagine the final results you truly want for your loft apartment before starting your renovation project. With practical websites like Notreloft or Pinterest, it's now more than easy to find inspiration when building up your mood board for your future decoration or renovation project. This is why we decided to join the club and find you 10 different inspirations of loft designs to inspire you in your future projects!

Renovation Inspiration: 10 Beautiful Loft Designs

1. An industrial-like traditional and classic loft

We usually associate industrial design with loft buildings. Often built into old factories or abandoned schools, these apartments are often found to have large metal or brick columns right smack in the middle of their spaces.

In order to complement these designs with the rest of your decor, opting for materials similar to the industrial look, like concrete or metal, will give you the right amount of authenticity and originality wanted for your loft.

industrial loft brick

Source: NotreLoft

2. Sprucing up the classic exposed brick walls for a fresh decor

Although interior brick walls are sought-after by many, they might also be inconvenient to others wanting to paint the walls of their apartment. Luckily for you, it is possible to paint these walls in order to add a rustic-like effect to your decor.

Even if applied unevenly, the final result will give texture and depth to your walls. To help you prepare any painting project, you could head over to our checklist of the steps to follow.

painted walls loft

Source: NotreLoft

3. A second storey for additional space

Second levels like mezzanines are often found in lofts for you to install your bed on. This way, a large part of your floor space is saved up for something else.

However, rather than a simple mezzanine for your bed (and if the dimensions of your loft allow you), building a large platform and creating a second floor will allow you to arrange your loft in an organized and spacious way.

loft second floor

Source: NotreLoft

4. Glass walls to set the bedroom apart

We mentioned this trick briefly in our article on interior partitions a few months ago, and it is just as relevant here! Even if this design somewhat fits in with the industrial design, I do think it deserves its own spot!

For people owning a loft without a mezzanine, this arrangement is the perfect solution to have any type of privacy, on top of establishing a clear barrier between your cozy space and the rest of your apartment.

Glass partition in loft

Source: sfgirlbybay

5. Stairs that double as storage

One of the main problems often found in a loft is the lack of storage. Being a large empty space by default, it sometimes happens that during original renovations, few (if not no) storage areas have been added.

This is why this arrangement is both practical and brilliant since it will serve as stairs for your mezzanine, as well as storage cubes! In this example, you even save some space since the stairs are located in a corner.


Source: NotreLoft

6. A half-wall for a better layout

Perfect for single-storey lofts, building half walls where you want to create specific boundaries will help you establish your space. Much like interior partitions, this design could be a perfect option for the kitchen and dining area.


Source: ettrumtill sur Instagram

7. A suspended reading nook

This design quickly gained popularity over the past 2 years for its versatility and originality. As mentioned on various decor blogs, a net suspended in the air will not only impress your guests but will also serve as a perfect reading corner on rainy days.


Source: Home-designing

8. A hanging garden to add some life

We're staying on the subject of hanging accessories with this idea that will surely bring some colour to your home. With grids secured to the ceiling, you will be able to not only hang all your plants there but also use them to hang your kitchen accessories and decorative objects.


Source:, quatre_art and meaganblackwood sur Instagram

9. A windowed mezzanine to create the ideal office

An alternative to the classic platform for the bedroom, the construction of a small glass mezzanine that accommodates your office will add style to your loft, in addition to helping your productivity at home!


Source: Trendland

10. Get the most out of your space

While a loft looks spacious naturally, with its high ceilings and large windows, it's easy to ignore the frequent shortages of storage and organization space at first glance.

Here, the addition of a bench that also serves as a shelf at the edge of the window, as well as the hanging hammock on the left, allows for different layout options for when you receive your friends! On the right, the bike rack solves the problem of storing your bike for the winter, preventing it from being in your way.


Source: Home-designing & Mydomaine

Want even more ideas? Take our quiz to find the best layout for your future loft!


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Last modified 2023-11-07

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