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6 Ideas for Organizing your Backyard | Renovation Quotes

6 Ideas for Organizing your Backyard | Renovation Quotes

Exterior renovations6 Ideas for Organizing your Backyard | Renovation Quotes

Are you thinking about setting up your backyard? Consider adding a compost bin! Not only will it reduce the volume of junk that you throw out in the garbage, but you'll also be posing a gesture that is friendly to the environment. If you decide to opt for this choice, there are several ways you can hide your compost bin so it doesn't pop out too much. Here are a few ideas that you can borrow when planning out the setup of your backyard:

Deck, balcony and barbecue: three essential elements in a backyard

As winter turns into spring, we all look forward to days of sunshine and heavy coats being traded in for lighter garments. In our free time, we sit out on our deck or balcony to read, relax or spend time eating with our close ones. 

Setting up our balcony to create a welcoming environment is a great way to be able to enjoy the warmer days. Several options are available. If you live in the city or the suburbs, you'll likely be faced with space issues. However, even small balconies can be charming if they are well organized.

Six ideas for organizing your backyard

1) The choice of furniture in a backyard

In terms of how you should set up the space you have, no need to move those nice leather couches outside to create a welcoming environment. Even though we love and enjoy it, our good friend the sun is not very friendly towards outdoor furniture. 

In the long term, it can make colours fade. And since we never know when it's going to rain, it's better to pick weather-resistant furniture.

Therefore, it's better to pick simple pieces for a deck or a balcony. Plastic, for example, is known for being a good material in these situations. You could also add cushions that can be removed when the weather isn't cooperating. There are several types of chairs available in different colours and designs... Everyone is bound to find something they like!  

Also, if you wish to create a bit of privacy, think about installing mesh fences on the sides of the deck or balcony. Without boxing you in and hiding the view, it will help you enjoy the time you spend in your backyard.

backyard chairs__6 Ideas for Organizing your Backyard_RenoQuotes

2) The layout of the balcony

Lastly, since summer wouldn't be the same without a barbecue, make sure you plan out a spot for this apparatus, so you and your housemates can work your grilling skills during sunny days. 

As times change, barbecue models are also evolving. Giant monstrous machines are a thing of the past. You can now choose a nice portable model, which is a great option for smaller balconies!

backyard layout_6 Ideas for Organizing your Backyard_RenoQuotes

3) Setting up a garden

When it comes to creating a garden, once again, the possibilities are endless. Depending on the size of your yard, how much sun exposure it gets, etc., you can decide to include a few flowerbeds to give a nice colourful touch. These factors are truly important when planning out which type of plant or flower you will be including, to make sure that your garden turns out well. 

If you wish to do so, you can also set aside a spot for fresh herbs. Is there anything better than grabbing a few leaves of basil or chives to add flavour to your home-cooked dishes?

Even though most herbs don't require a lot of maintenance, it is nevertheless important that you water them properly, to keep them nice and full of life for a long time. If you plant them in movable pots, you can bring them in when the weather cools down. This way, you can keep using them throughout the year.

As mentioned earlier, the amount of sun exposure is important, no matter the type of plant you choose. Find out more about the specific needs of each plant you select for your garden.

flowers backyard__6 Ideas for Organizing your Backyard_RenoQuotes

4) Composting at home (backyard or compost bin)

Here is a link to find out more about starting a compost bin in your backyard (Click here).

Compost is a great way to reduce the amount of waste that you send to the city dump. It allows for a quicker decomposition process of certain elements. By composting fruit and vegetable peels, pits, coffee grounds, tea bags, etc., you will be sending fewer and fewer garbage bags. If you also recycle, you'll find that you barely have any actual garbage left, which is great for the environment.

Since nearly everything that is found in compost is organic waste, it can be used as fertilizer. The product of the decomposition process is very nutritious and will stimulate growth for the plants. Therefore, compost is extremely practical in many senses. 

Some cities offer compost services, which work in the same way as recycling or garbage collection services. You will be given a container with biodegradable compost bags. These containers take up a little bit of space but this is a great way to compost. Find out more by contacting your city officials to know if this service is offered where you live.

If not, you can buy a compost bin in certain stores, or, if you feel like making one yourself, it can also be done. Contact pro-environment organizations that can tell you more about compost dumping spots, tips and other things you should know.

Ottawa: Green bin program 

Calgary: Green Cart programBackyard composting rules

Halifax: Backyard Composting information 

backyard with pool__6 Ideas for Organizing your Backyard_RenoQuotes

5) A gazebo or mosquito net shelter in your backyard

At the end, when it comes the time to start setting up your dream backyard, there are as many possibilities as there are ideas! Furnishing and decorating your balcony may be the top priority but if your backyard is big enough to install a gazebo or a screened shelter, why not? When those pesky mosquitoes show up, you will be glad to be able to enjoy balmy evenings outdoors without having to listen to their endless buzzing sound.

6) A swimming pool in your backyard: why not?

If you want to have a pool in your yard, you will need to think about several aspects involving its purchase:

  • The type of pool you wish to purchase (above ground, in-ground, semi inground);

  • The swimming pool material (aluminum, wood, treated yellow pine);

  • The safety measures taken.

Our article on this subject will be able to provide you with further information in order to make an informed choice as to the selection of a new pool to enjoy the beautiful season.

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Last modified 2023-11-07

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