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What repairs need to be done on a roof?


5 min read

What repairs need to be done on a roof?

RoofWhat repairs need to be done on a roof?

Identifying problems related to your roof is essential before carrying out any repairs. Water infiltration, heat loss, and shingle deterioration, each of these issues can have serious consequences if not addressed in time.

Note that the climate in Quebec takes a toll on our roofs and in turn, significantly weakens their durability. Exposed to frost, wind, and temperature variations, your home's roof will need a lot of care. Keeping your roof in perfect condition is essential to maintaining a safe and comfortable home, hence the need to undertake repairs prior to a more significant deterioration of the structure.

To avoid the adverse effects of a poorly maintained roof and to ensure your roof can withstand the years ahead with minimum disruption, here is a guide to various roof repairs that you should undertake!

Essential Roof Repairs

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Repairing Roof Shingles 

The most important repair to consider is peeling shingles. In order to prevent water infiltration, shingles must be repaired using a sealant (available commercially) or "Liquid Nails" adhesive. The latter will allow you to proceed with the desired repair, even if the surface is wet. If the repair is minimal, you can limit yourself to the purchase of a tube of caulking.

If you need to replace one or several shingles, proceed strategically, as damaged shingles need to be removed by prying the sheet panel up with a pry bar. It is important to start with the topmost sheet panel. To install new shingles, work from the bottom to the top.

Pry the top sheet panel up to allow you to properly tack the top of the sheet to the roof. Also, be careful not to place new shingles on top of the old ones, as this will result in an uneven and unappealing-looking roof.

roof repairs_important roof repairs

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Restoring and Repairing Flashing

Given their importance in ensuring the roof's water resistance, you will need to re-adhere any loose flashing. To avoid short-term water infiltration, use roofing glue to repair them. However, you may need to call for the help of an expert to either repair or, if necessary, replace the flashing.

Should there be a tiny hole on the surface of the flashing, fill it with roofing adhesive or sealant. Before proceeding, remove any rust around the hole with a small wire brush. If the hole is about ¾ of an inch or smaller, cover the hole with a piece of tin large enough to completely cover it. Using roofing glue is fine in this case as well.

Once the piece of tin is in place, cover it with a layer of adhesive to ensure it adheres properly. Depending on the manufacturer's instructions, it may be necessary to cover the spot with a tarp to allow the glue to cure.

Are you curious about the cost of roof repairs? Check out the current prices for roofing repairs in Quebec.

roof repairs_important roof repairs

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Repairing Roof Vent Leaks

Are you experiencing humidity problems? Or is your attic space especially warm? If so, your roof's ventilation needs to be repaired. Note that proper ventilation plays an essential role in the structural integrity of the roof.

According to the APCHQ, proper ventilation is needed to avoid potential issues such as condensation, overheating, and premature wear of the roof's finish. Therefore, check that the ventilation system is working properly and adequately to ensure that the roof is ventilated.

A major problem regarding venting pertains to the accumulation of ice on the edge of the roof. This causes the deterioration of the roof's finish and leads to water infiltration. A regular inspection of the attic is advisable to prevent roofing problems. In the long run, too much humidity will considerably reduce the roof's insulation and cause early deterioration (rotting).

roof repairs_important roof repairs

Photo: Pixabay

Another issue related to poor ventilation is the heat generated in the attic, which is very persistent during the summertime. This leads to premature wear and tear of the roof shingles. Moreover, the rooms in your home will automatically become increasingly hot and your air conditioner will work overtime, causing your electricity bill to skyrocket.

The functionality of a house is often compared to that of an organism, in which all the elements are dependent on one another. Neglecting one of these areas will inevitably have consequences on the rest of the elements, whether it is related to the preservation of the structure, energy costs, comfort, or your health.

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Roof Soffit Repair

Considering that soffits provide attic ventilation, ensure that these are in optimal condition. Given that repairing soffits requires you to reach the edge of the roof (fascia), it can be a tricky and time-consuming task to undertake yourself, especially considering that you need to be very tactful so as not to damage the aluminum or PVC (these two materials are the ones most often used in soffit manufacturing processes).

For more information on the installation of a soffit, check out the article How to Install Soffit From A-Z.

roof repairs_important roof repairs

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Further Clarifications

If you happen to notice that some of the nails are sticking out of the top of the shingles, reset to prevent any rainfall from allowing water to seep into the small space around the nail and damaging the shingles. Choose roofing nails wisely should you need to purchase them at all, as they should be long enough to penetrate all layers of material.

In the event that your roof is made of slate or terracotta (although less common), it is best to seek professional help to make the necessary repairs, as these involve special expertise.

Looking to postpone your roof repairs? Check out our article What Happens if You Don’t Renovate Your Roof? to find out about the risks involved!

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