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10 Family Bathroom Ideas


7 min read

10 Family Bathroom Ideas

Bathroom10 Family Bathroom Ideas

Have you outgrown the current look of your bathroom? With the passing years, wear and tear will naturally leave its mark, so it’s quite normal to aspire to a change of scenery.

In order to offer a few sources of inspiration for this renovation project and finally create the bathroom of your dreams, we’ve compiled some ideas for you!

Renovation Inspiration: 10 Family Bathroom Ideas

1- A classic look for the nostalgic

Source: Canva

While some opt for the integration of bright colours in their bathroom, many still feel an attachment to classic styles. The appeal of this type of decor, often highlighted by the predominance of conventional colours like black and white, is to embody elegance and minimalism. However, avoid making the mistake of believing everything must be uniform.

As shown in the image above, the detailed patterned floor covering is an asset to the room. This is because it helps to attract attention while accentuating other elements of the room displaying the same colours. 

To create a coherent design, it’s essential to focus on a limited number of colours. Uniform black and white surfaces could quickly give rise to boring decor. This is why we’ll focus on patterns, whether that means shower tiles or floor covering.

In keeping with the idea that was previously mentioned regarding the creation of minimalistic and elegant decor, we mustn't forget to highlight an element that is emblematic of elegance: transparency. With that in mind, the integration of glass shower panels is essential.

In terms of storage, a piece of furniture built across the width of the room will have a definite advantage. Indeed, this type of furniture is not as massive as a tall cabinet while having a good storage capacity.

Need to know more about creating classic decor? Do not hesitate to read our article guide to decorative styles: classic decor.

2- A nature-inspired bathroom 

Source: Canva

Nature has long been associated with calm and serenity. As the bathroom is an ideal place to enjoy a moment of peace, the choice of materials and colours reminiscent of natural environments is an interesting avenue to explore.

The bathroom presented above showcases multiple textures, colours and natural materials. In particular, we think of pebbles, marble and wood furniture. It’s impossible to overlook the blue floor which evokes rivers and proximity to the outdoors. This is an effective nod to the natural light found in the forest.

Both original and soothing, this one-of-a-kind decor breaks from tradition while paradoxically offering space to nature and its emblematic figures.

3- A rustic bathroom

Source: Canva

For lovers of wooded areas and nature in general, wood is a must. Although it’s feared that too much wood can become overwhelming, a large enough bathroom will tend to emphasize it in its most favourable light.

Also, to avoid creating redundancy, using wood in different ways is a great idea. It’s all about reviving this timeless material and highlighting its different facets: raw wood, wood combining more than one shade and one that displays a smoother and more uniform surface.

For more information about creating a rustic-inspired bathroom, check out our article on the subject!

4- Clean modernism

Source: Canva

Bathrooms with a modern look are known for being especially refined, with straight lines and understated colours. While some will criticize its lack of colour, the fact remains that a modern-style inspired layout offers the chance to enjoy an open space and therefore, is particularly conducive to relaxation.

Black stands out discreetly, adding an interesting touch of elegance. This colour, traditionally associated with modernism and classic style, highlights the elements of the room. In doing so, the decor reveals a soothing calm element, without being boring and devoid of interest. To achieve a successful and harmonious decor, this is all a question of consistency.

5- Showcasing ceramic

Source: Canva

Using a single type of ceramic for the floors and walls of a bathroom can create a particularly soothing and harmonious decor. In the example pictured above, small shaped tiles were chosen. As the room is relatively large, this works rather well. However, if you have a small bathroom, it would be better to opt for larger tiles. Indeed, these have the advantage of visually enlarging the room.

6- A drop of colour for your new bathroom

Source: Canva

Many of us opt for white, black or pale colours when the time comes to renovate the bathroom and choose new decor to make it stand out. If these choices are part of a trend that has prevailed for a long time, being bold and opting for bright colours can pay off. Consider choosing a shade as bright as lime green, as this is ideal for creating a focal point in the room.

Why not take the opportunity to display an original decorative element such as a mirror with unconventional geometric shapes or one that is vintage? As shown in the image above, installing a source of light behind the decorative elements will make the presence of this invigorating colour even more striking. Do you like to think outside the box? Well, here's your chance!

Need more bathroom colour inspiration? We'd suggest our article 10 original colours for your bathroom!

7- Light in its best light

Source: Canva

This type of decor implies that a large amount of natural light is present. Although it’s not a given for everyone, those who have large windows should take advantage of it. To reflect this abundance of light, opting for elements with a glossy finish is your best bet.

In the above case, blue tiles with various shades, as well as the finish of the bathtub, both integrate reflective surfaces. Moreover, the choice of light shades accentuates the impression of brightness, which is a definite advantage.

Interestingly, the shower floor creates a contrast in texture in addition to offering a definite advantage: that of being non-slip. Although installing this type of shower floor requires certain expertise, it won't fail to impress because of its undeniable originality.

8- A unique, wallpapered look

Source: Canva

If there’s a wall covering that has its share of haters, it’s wallpaper. Whether you associate it with a bygone era or don’t appreciate the efforts required to remove it, you still have to keep in mind that its style potential is valid.

This is particularly true for small spaces in which the possibilities for layouts and decor can be more limited due to reduced surface area. On its own, it compensates for the absence of decorative elements and easily gives character to a room.

It goes without saying that the combination of wallpaper with a detailed pattern and a white tile is also quite effective in visually enlarging the room as well as limiting the impression of narrowness.

9- A home spa

Source: Canva

Who wouldn't want to be in a bathroom with a spa-like ambiance? The relaxing atmosphere that emanates from this type of decor greatly benefits from the integration of calm colours, such as white, black and gray.

Also, the use of dimmed lights such as candles or dimmers is essential if you want to enjoy a spa experience after work. As shown in the previous image, limiting the number of decorative elements is also required, as the crowding effect is rarely conducive to rest.

10- Black and white features

Source: Canva

Are you short on space? If so, you’re likely annoyed by your washer and dryer duo, which surely takes up plenty of room. If you can't store them elsewhere, why not take advantage of their presence by using them as a countertop?

This will give you a place to put towels or your storage baskets. What's more, maybe you can take the opportunity to fold your laundry. This may not be a very pleasant task, but at least you will have room to do it!

Thinking of renovating your bathroom? Take a look at our 2020 Bathroom Renovation Price Guide article.

Also, don't hesitate to test our price calculator! He can help you assess the cost of your bathroom renovation project.

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Last modified 2020-04-10

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