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How your Meeting With a Renovation Contractor Should go Down

Last modified: 2020-01-10 | Approximate reading time 3 mins

If you’re making moves on the home front and are looking to renovate your current abode, you are likely searching for a contractor to take on the job. The contracting industry may have seen better days, with holes in the current economy and heightened competition, sought-after tradespersons are in high demand.

With that in mind, it’s important to be aware of what contractors are looking for when choosing a homeowner to work with and vice versa. You should be clear from the get-go on what you're looking for when entrusting a contractor with your home. Every homeowner should follow our tips in order for your meeting with your general contractor to go as smoothly as possible!

Here's how a meeting with your general contractor should go down

Come Prepared

For everyone involved, having a set plan from the get-go will make life easier. Your contractor will want to see that you’ve come prepared with questions as well as a set schedule. Although there can be obvious fluctuations in the agenda, it's good to go into your meeting with a set idea of what you want to happen over the course of your renovation project. Be decisive and clear on the details of the project, as this will save you money in the long run.

It will help to avoid any large change orders, also known as unexpected and costly changes that could be sprung on you during the renovation process. Having a solid plan will give your contractor an idea of whether or not they are able to fulfill all of your needs, and you can set out your intentions from the get-go.

Ask Important Questions to the Contractor

Not every contractor is going to be right for the job, so it is important for you to decipher who will work for you. Figure out what the project involves from the get-go, and know what you're expecting. One of the easiest ways to do this is to ask some hard hitting but fair questions.

These should include: who will be here every day? How will you protect my property? Is there anything that concerns you regarding my project? Can I reach you after hours? Your tradesperson should not have a problem answering these 4 questions, and their responses should leave you at ease. If you find that you don’t hear what you’re hoping to, then it would be worth looking into other options.

Understand Where your Contractor is Coming From

Meeting with a

source: Pixabay, delphinmedia

The better you can communicate with your contractor, the better the meeting will go.  Do some preliminary research before you meet with your tradesperson in order to learn how to talk the talk. Watch online videos or grab a few home renovation magazines. Once you’re in the meeting, make room for discussion or suggestions from your contractor, asking how they plan to carry it out as well as what materials they are planning on using. This can foster collaboration and maybe some new creative ideas you hadn’t thought of. Remember, this is their field so it’s nice to be patient and offer your contractor the spotlight for a moment.

Keep Things Warm and Friendly

As the homeowner, you want to make a good first impression. Like any successful relationship, the interaction with your tradesperson should feel comfortable and natural. Fostering feelings of positivity will lead to the home renovation being an overall positive experience.

Make the meeting environment warm: provide snacks and coffee, let the conversation flow naturally and try not to rush the other party. Regardless of if you’re the one doing the hiring, make your contractor feel like an equal. You might be working together for a while, so your first meeting shouldn’t be like pulling teeth. If it is, then it’s probably a sign that it isn’t the right balance.

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