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Cost of Exterior Siding Materials and Installation

Cost of Exterior Siding Materials and Installation

Exterior renovationsCost of Exterior Siding Materials and Installation

Are you looking to have new cladding installed on the side of your house? There’s a wide variety of products with differing service lives and costs varying from one end of the price scale to the other. To help you narrow it down to a product that best suits your needs, here’s a helpful price and exterior siding guide.

One of the first things one notices when spotting a house is its exterior cladding. To draw a parallel with the human body, the siding or cladding would be the equivalent of the skin that envelopes the skeleton and muscles. 

Besides its aesthetic function, cladding protects against storms. When choosing your exterior siding, you’ll have to take into account multiple factors such as your aesthetic preferences, local weather patterns, municipal rules, and most importantly, your budget.

Exterior Siding & Cladding: Costs and Pros & Cons

Vinyl Exterior Siding

Exterior Siding & Cladding

Source : Canva

Vinyl siding is not only super easy to install but it’s also very resistant to shock and scratches. It’s available in various colours and textures. If it’s properly maintained, it can last 40 years. However, vinyl isn’t all too resistant to heat, and in the long run, its colour can fade as a result of UV exposure. Its main advantage is that it’s very affordable: Starting at $4 with prices reaching $7 per square foot (installation included). 

Aluminum Siding

Exterior Siding & Cladding

Source : Canva

Aluminum siding offers excellent weather resistance, mostly in terms of wind and temperature variations. Unlike vinyl, aluminum doesn’t shrink or warp. However, it’ll react poorly in the event of a fire, as it’s not very flame-retardant. In optimal conditions, this type of siding can last more than 40 years. Its price varies from $7 to $10 per square foot (including installation).

To learn more about aluminum siding, check out our article on the subject matter: The Pros and Cons of Aluminum Siding

Wood Cladding

Exterior Siding & Cladding

Source : Canva

Now here’s a choice that’ll definitely add some value to your house. Wood cladding is for the most part affordable, yet it does require quite a bit of maintenance. To maintain its appealing surface, the wood must be treated with flaxseed oil every five years. 

If you decide to apply a coat of stain to alter the wood’s colour, you’ll then need to do some touch-ups every year or two years to maintain the overall appeal. Wood cladding costs between $10 and $15 per square foot (installation included) and it’ll last anywhere from 25 to 55 years. 

Engineered Wood Panels

Exterior Siding & Cladding

Source : Canva

Also known as CanExel, engineered wood panels are becoming more and more sought-after in terms of cladding options. Cheaper than wood, CanExel is a reliable and quality faux wood. As for colours and textures, needless to say, choices aren’t lacking. 

Compared to real wood, engineered wood products are advantageous as they’re more resistant to humidity and UV rays. With a service life of over 25 years, this material offers the best value for money and is suited to most budgets. However, if CanExel cladding isn’t properly installed, it’ll require a lot more maintenance and repairs, and its service life will inevitably be impaired. Its price varies from $6 and $15 per square foot (including installation).

Fibre Cement Panels

Exterior Siding & Cladding

Source : Canva

These panels can add a modern touch to houses and buildings. This hefty material can hold its own against parasite infestations and extreme weather conditions. However, l’Ordre des architectes du Québec (professional association of architects in Quebec) has taken issue with this material since some problems have been witnessed soon after installation: fissures, discoloration, chipping surface, etc. 

The companies who are responsible for manufacturing fibre cement claim that such problems have since been fixed and that the products now available on the market are of much better quality. Typically, this product should last roughly 40 years. However, before you choose this material, seek advice from the contractor with whom you do business. Fibre cement panels cost between $5 and $15 per square foot (including installation).

Brick Cladding

Exterior Siding & Cladding

Source : Canva

This type of cladding is a classic that’ll never go out of style. Brick can be costly right off the bat, but its service life extends beyond 75 years. Typically, it doesn’t require much maintenance work. However, you’ll have to be on the lookout for fissures that could negatively affect its resistance when faced with parasites and harsh weather. On average, prices will vary between $25 and $45 per square foot (installation included).

If your house is currently clad with brick and you think there might be an issue, make certain that you’re not dealing with a “beef belly” (brick detachment).

To learn how to spot such an issue, check out our article Bulging Brick Walls and Bowed Walls: How to Identify and Solve the Issue

Acrylic Coating

Exterior Siding & Cladding

Source : Canva

According to Dave Barriault of ADEX Systems, when it comes to exterior acrylic coatings, one should definitely opt for second-generation E.I.F.S., or Exterior Insulation and Finish Systems. In fact, with first-generation installations, a lot of homeowners experienced issues regarding the materials’ waterproofing capabilities. (Watch the November 13, 2018 episode of La Facture.) However, according to Barriault, unlike the first-generation product, the most recent version of E.I.F.S., which was first marketed towards the end of the 90s, features various components to ensure the building's exterior envelope is watertight and well-insulated.

This type of siding also ensures adequate drainage in the event of water infiltrations occurring behind the cladding. However, its installation process isn’t very easy as it includes several important elements and steps that must be taken into consideration. Be sure to choose a contractor that’s both qualified and experienced with this type of material. Second-generation E.I.F.S. cladding costs between $10 and $15 per square foot (materials and installation included). 


Exterior Siding & Cladding

Source : Canva

Suretouch exterior cladding can be categorized alongside brick and stone, however, at a much lower cost. A mould made of polystyrene is mounted against the house’s façade(s), subsequently, argyle bricks or concrete stones are installed on top. This is a pressure-based installation. As for the mould, it’s affixed to the house with stainless steel screws and plates. This product, which has been marketed for about a decade now, is actually gaining popularity. It’s easy to install, and it’s also known for its insulation properties (R13.5). 

Moreover, it has good ventilation and weatherproofing properties (provided that the joints are well done). Since it’s a relatively new material, information about its durability is hard to come about. However, so far, the feedback is very positive. The average cost of Suretouch cladding is between $8 and $15 per square foot.

Choosing Well-Priced and Sustainable Exterior Siding 

Sustainable Exterior Siding 

Source : Canva

In some cases, it’s better to invest a larger sum of money right off the bat for a product that’ll last a really long time. In the long run, if the material requires little maintenance and is quite durable, your initial investment will have been cost-effective.

Exterior Siding Price Chart 

Type of exterior siding

Average price

Wood exterior cladding: 

About $10 to $15/square foot

CanExel exterior cladding (installation included):

About $6 to $15/square foot

Acrylic coating (installation included):

About $10 to $15/square foot

Vinyl exterior siding:

About $4 to $7/square foot

Aluminum siding:

About $7 to $10/square foot

Fibre cement panels:

About $5 to $15/square foot

Brick exterior cladding:

About $25 to $45/square foot

Suretouch (materials only): 

About $8 to $15/square foot

* All pricing in this article is for reference only and is subject to change.

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Last modified 2024-02-19

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