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Performance and Aesthetics with Hybrid Windows

hybrid window
hybrid window

Performance and Aesthetics with Hybrid Windows

Windows and doorsPerformance and Aesthetics with Hybrid Windows

Unearth the hybrid window, a sure innovation in a world full of windows. Such windows blend the energy efficiency of PVC with the reliability of aluminum, making for the perfect combination resulting in exceptional performance. Different models are retailed, from casement to sliding, suiting all preferences. 

What’s a hybrid window?

hybrid window

A hybrid window is a window with a frame made of one material and said material is coated in another material. The following are the most common pairings:

  • Aluminum on the outside, PVC on the inside

  • Aluminum on the outside, wood on the inside

Why is aluminum always used on the outside? The whole idea behind hybrid windows is to have an aluminum finish on a frame that isn’t made of said material.

The combination of the materials mentioned doesn’t necessarily yield more energy power, nor does it have noteworthy eco-friendly features, given that wood, aluminum, and PVC are infinitely recyclable materials. 

Therefore, hybrid windows are, first and foremost, an aesthetic-based choice, but, on some level, a structural one, too, which is what we will see now. 

What are the materials used?

PVC and Aluminum

This is the most sought-after combination. It accounts for the following: 

  • Aluminum’s aesthetic and sustainability

  • PVC’s energy efficiency and easy installation 

However, it isn’t about synergy per se, as a hybrid window’s energy efficiency is subpar compared to a window frame solely made with PVC. Despite that, the hybrid model wins in terms of structural stability and price, given the existing compromise between resistance and energy performance. 

Wood and Aluminum

With this pairing, wood is the frame’s core, while aluminum is secured over it, for the following:

  • a modern look;

  • decent thermal performance;

  • great weatherproofing; and

  • superior sustainability.

Naturally, all hybrid windows retailed are Energy Star-certified since pairing the aforementioned materials meets energy efficiency standards.

Design: How Hybrid Windows Are Made

The downside of a PVC window frame is that it can’t span great lengths. Said downside is also mentioned in our article about roller shutters, detailing the fact that PVC slats can’t span lengths exceeding 2 metres. 

The same constraint applies to window frames. For oversized windows, aluminum is always required, as it’s more rigid than PVC. As a result, when aluminum coats PVC, the former reinforces it, rendering long-spanning PVC frames a possibility. 

To prevent any and all drafts or leaks, hybrid windows are covered with aluminum extrusion, which is embedded into the window frame. Otherwise, if water seeps between the aluminum and PVC, the aluminum extrusion will peel back during cold fronts. If you notice the material peeling back, feel free to refer to your window warranty. 

Most window models have steel stiffeners, which is common with PVC windows. Stiffeners are galvanized steel bars positioned into the extrusions. They are U-shaped, and have the following purpose:

  • Strengthening the PVC extrusions

  • Strengthening window hardware (latches, hinges, etc.)

Naturally, instead of PVC, one can also find wood, as we mentioned already.

Choosing a Hybrid Window: Useful Guidelines

hybrid window

Different Models Retailed

As we already mentioned in our Guide to Different Window Types, hybrid windows can be:

  • Double-hung (topside opening, downside closing)

  • Single-hung (bottom opening)

  • Sliding

  • Accent/picture (fixed, for decorative purposes)

  • Casement (opens with a lever)

  • Bay or bow 

What are the best hybrid window brands in Quebec?

The first company to have retailed hybrid windows in Quebec is Fenergic, operating since 1953 and based out of Warwick. In its vicinity, one can find two other window giants. 

The first one is a wee bit North, in Thetford Mines. Said company is Isothermic, a 35-year-old manufacturer. 

The second one is southward, in Drummondville. Vaillancourt has been operating since 1947 and also retails hybrid windows.

If you’re looking for a company with several retailers in Montréal, Portes et Fenêtres Verdun is the one for you. Its 10 retail stores, located between Saint-Jean-sur Richelieu and Terrebonne, showcase all their hybrid window models. 

Then there's Solaris Québec, launched back in 1972, among the 300 or more window-selling businesses operating on Québec soil. With three showrooms, Solaris Québec has retail locations in Québec City, Boisbriand, and Brossard. 

Hybrid Window Prices and Installation Costs

Hybrid windows are typically priced around $1,500 and $2,200 apiece. To that, factor in between $180 and $600 of installation fees. It all depends on the window type and size, as well as installation conditions. 

As such, plan on spending anywhere between $1,680 and $2,800 per window.

The Perfect Alliance Between Comfort and Efficiency

Overall, hybrid windows are the makings of a promising innovation in the sustainable construction industry. Their ability to combine the advantages of several different materials makes for an effective solution for improving energy efficiency in buildings, while also providing the occupants with optimal comfort.

Courtesy of their smart design and versatility regarding weather and architectural needs, hybrid windows lead the way toward a future in which energy efficiency and the well-being of dwellers go hand in hand. By investing in new technologies, you’re contributing to creating sustainably built and more resilient settings for future generations to come. 

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Last modified 2024-05-22

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