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Original Patio Designs and Decors: 10 examples

Last modified: 2022-06-15 | Approximate reading time 3 mins

Karine Dutemple

Summer is approaching really fast and for many people, this is synonymous with starting to work on landscaping. If you have been looking for inspiration to design the ideal yard, this could be the year where your dreams finally come true. 

While landscaping in your backyard is important, building and setting up a deck will be at the heart of your outdoor décor. For gatherings, family or simply to enjoy the sun, your deck deserves to be the star of your layout.

Reno Inspiration: 10 examples of original patios

1. A backyard worthy of Italian charm

A wooden pergola, abundant vines, rock gardens: all of these elements will help you create the perfect warm and inviting dining area worthy of the flowery backyards of Tuscany. By adding a long wooden table, you will add the perfect rustic touch.

Cour arrière et patio italie_Italian backyard and patio

Source: @hisurbannature on Instagram

2. A spa experience for your terrace

If you're looking for the perfect layout to go alongside your pool, a patio design inspired by the look of your favourite spas will kill two birds with one stone. Lounge chairs, an outdoor shower and untreated wood will make the swimming experience even more enjoyable.

Wooden patio

3. A fun patio for kids and adults

Small changes can sometimes be the most transformative. For your family or yourself, adding a simple swing or chair hanging from your pergola will be an easy and visually interesting option to incorporate into your décor. A safe solution to please everyone, even the guests!

patio en béton_concrete deck

Source: createhomestorage

4. A concrete slab that is out of the ordinary

To change things up and explore new alternatives, leave square concrete slabs behind and opt for a shape that will stand out from the other slabs we often see. Be original and break the norms by opting for smooth, rounded shapes.

Patio en béton rond_round concrete patio

5. A terrace that is the centre of attention

When we think of a patio, we often imagine a terrace that is adjacent to the house and that we access directly by going out through the back. However, for narrow yards that are built lengthwise, relocating this terrace to the center of the space will create an illusion of width, also drawing the attention of your guests to it.

Patio centré_centered patio

Source: Pinterest

6. A zen relaxation corner for the backyard

For avid readers or lovers of meditation and relaxation, a secluded corner that doubles as a peaceful haven could be an asset for your landscaping. Perfect for hot summer days, a plant-filled pergola for a source of shade and a comfortable outdoor sofa will ensure a perfect atmosphere. You and your guests will be able to enjoy relaxing moments.

patio zen relaxation

7. A lounge area without having to leave your home

You like bar patios. The only issue is that you are not a fan of spending time in a place that is noisy and full of people. No problem! You can easily become the number one destination in your circle of friends during the summer! If you are an avid mixology fan or a cocktail aficionado, take this opportunity to create a lounge atmosphere on your patio and complete it with a counter if you feel like you can take on this project.

patio style lounge

Source: @kylamagrathinteriors on Instagram

8. A patio that will remind you of being at the cottage

What could be better than the perfect mix between a house and a cottage? If you are one of the lucky ones who have access to a large plot of land, installing a slab patio with a central fireplace will create a space for gatherings and long campfires in good company.

Patio avec foyer_patio with fireplace

Source: bigskylandscaping

9. The jungle at home

Imagine having lunch in the sun, surrounded by majestic plants, a garden and flowers. Not only is it pretty, but you'll have your own custom jungle that will bring freshness and tranquillity, as well as providing plenty of fresh vegetables for you and your family.

With a wooden slat floor for your patio space that is connected to a concrete path to get to the yard, you can create a layout that is both practical and pleasant.

Patio en bois dans jardin_wooden patio in the garden

Source: lanacion

10. More than just a concrete slab

In contemporary design, one often speaks of minimalism as the perfect style for interior décor. So why not bring it into the yard? Symmetry, geometric shapes and cut-out details will bring a lot of originality to your layout.

patio minimaliste_minimalist patio

Source: Onekindesign

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