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10 Elegant Bedroom Ideas

10 Elegant Bedroom Ideas

Interior renovations10 Elegant Bedroom Ideas

Are you sick of the boring decor in your bedroom? If you want to add a touch of elegance to make it a great place for relaxing, take a look at these surprisingly elegant bedroom designs! 

10 Inspiring Examples of Stylish Bedrooms 

1- A romantic, light-filled touch

chambre à coucher avec fourrure_Pinterest_cute bedroom

Source: Pinterest (

If there is one colour that evokes elegance, it is certainly white. This iconic colour that is often used in classic decor is omnipresent in the room. The fur on the bed as well as the one on the floor also helps evoke luxury.

The majestic bed is a must in this type of space, as are the mouldings adorning the ceilings. These mouldings have an impression of height, which allows us to magnify the perception of the surface and counterbalance the massive effect of the furniture.

2- A bright and sober bedroom

chambre foncée avec cadre au mur_Pinterest dark room

Source: Pinterest (

If white is synonymous with elegance, grey also creates an imposing presence. Apart from the choice of a sober colour, this decor also emphasizes the height of the ceilings. To highlight this distinctive feature, several elements are put to good use.

These include long mirrors on either side of the bed, as well as an imposing assemblage of frames on the wall and a light fixture with refined details that catch the eye.

3- Mix and match

chambre à coucher pour homme_Pinterest- bedroom for men

Source: Pinterest (

Once again, grey occupies a central place in this elegant bedroom and greatly benefits from the presence of black that compliments it perfectly. To prevent it from darkening the entire room too much, several touches of white have been scattered here and there.

These attract the eye instantly, allowing the other elements of the room to be highlighted. Note the presence of refined patterns, as well as the search for a balance between light and dark colours, as well as between curved and straight lines.

4- A world map to dream bigger and better

chambre à coucher avec carte du monde_Pinterest_bedroom with world map

Source: Pinterest (

In this soothing decor that mixes pale pink and grey, elegance manifests itself through the choice of grandiose and detailed wallpaper. Being present on the entire wall, this one is of incomparable beauty. You don't need a solid fixture or imposing mouldings, as the wallpaper alone adorns the room.

The elegance of the room manifests itself with a certain softness, yet it remains quite surprising. Moreover, the omnipresence of pink and grey used throughout the room reveals a concern for balance and sobriety.

5- A boho chic bedroom

chambre bohémienne_Pinterest gypsy bohemian bedroom

Source: Pinterest (

It is too often forgotten that elegance can manifest itself through curtains and the strategic use of light. In this room, we notice that the homeowners have installed lamps behind the curtains, which is a trick that gives them a unique look.

The presence of curtains on both the wall and the ceiling contributes to their majestic character. Finally, it should be noted that the integration of touches of colour on the bed helps ensure that the room's decor is not overtly uniform and white. 

6- A revamped country setting

décor campagnard_Pinterest_rustic decor

Source: Pinterest (

Rustic decors are rarely associated with elegance. However, the choice of gold-coloured decorative elements and patterns typically associated with this style (polka dots, flowers and thin lines) would create a unique look in any bedroom.

This decor focuses on flowers, pastel colours and white, giving the room an incomparable feeling of softness and a soothing atmosphere.

7- Wood for elegance at its finest

chambre à coucher rustique_Pinterest_rustic bedroom

Source: Pinterest (

This decor perfectly illustrates how wood can add elegance to a master bedroom. Wood is omnipresent in this room's decor and, coupled with high ceilings, the picture above proves just how stylish this look is. What about the bedding and its beautiful golden hue? It shines brightly thanks to the dim lighting.

Moreover, the fixtures add to the impression of height because of their streamlined design. Of course, their unique shape mimics the treetops which are seen on the wallpaper in the background. The wood is unique and original and it perfectly complements the impressive size of the room.

8- Vintage meets modern

décor ancien_Pinterest_classic decor

Source: Pinterest (

This decor embodies the epitome of elegance. There are very detailed patterns on the carpet, as well as on the bedding. This delicate finesse is also present in other elements of the room such as the fixture, the large frame at the back and the furniture. The pale beige colour recalls classic decor elements and the beauty that emanates from this type of home decor style. which also reflects light with great intensity.

9- Simplicity with an elegant twist

chambre verte foncée_Pinterest_dark green room

Source: Pinterest (

Sometimes, it doesn't take much to create elegant decor. The simple combination of white and black and the choice of plain bedding can be enough. In this case, the integration of a light fixture adorned with fake pearls and a frame with a golden border adds a touch of brilliance to the decor, also preventing it from being overtly neutral.

10- Warmth, comfort and a touch of modern decor

chambre à coucher avec mur de briques_Pinterest_bedroom with brick wall

Source: Pinterest (

The presence of a brick wall adds a touch of elegance to any room. Paired with fur and minimalist decor, this element creates a beautiful layout. Once again, the gold hues add a discreet touch of brightness, while creating a focal point on the main wall.

The mixture of textures, combining both the softness of the fur and the hardness of the brick, contributes to the creation of a lovely modern decor.

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Last modified 2023-12-04

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